Friday, December 13, 2013

Bad Government Guideline / Principles

we = the government (obv)

We are more concerned about the corporations not the demands of the constituents.
The constituents are of lower priority than the corporations.

The demands of a multinational corporation must be met.
The requests of the people should be disregarded.

We are okay with the corporations negatively affecting the people.
We cannot allow the people to negatively affect the corporations.

If your government clearly follows these principles - You Have A Bad Government

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Where Is The Good Grammar? Do writing Standards Matter Any More?

In English class at a homosexually charged 'grammar' school..

I was taught not to insert a comma before a ‘but’ or an ‘and’...
Also, I was taught to write 'he was neat and tidy. Regularly cleaning..' instead of 'he was neat, tidy. Regularly clea...'

Yet still, I see paid writers/ journalists/ cheekys doing things like this all the time. The editors condone it...

Why Men Haven’t Been Looking At You

{{Applies primarily to life in a city.}}

"Why don't men look at me?!?"

"Why don't you look at men?"

A near undeniable fact of life is that women walk around hoping for men to look at them - better yet: "hope to not go unnoticed".

Many women who are unfortunately saddled with unattractiveness are used to being undesired and not getting admiring stares from men so are fine with not getting that sort of attention. 'Attractive to some' or undeniably hot chicks on the other hand, get annoyed or actually feel sadness if they walk past six men on the street and not one looks at them. It is the old "affirmation of worth" (detailed soon) thing again.

Women are heartily focused on feeling desired -- as men are with being able to provide.

The thing is: 
If it was okay to stare at every attractive woman most (even gay) men would do so-- looking at women all day, every day. But sadly, we can't and, out of respect, shouldn't.


Not only is it seen as 'pervy' and embarrassing but it is rude to many people; a jealous scowling girl who happens to see you, a hater, a sister’s brother. 

A woman in a belly top and skinny jeans will ask "what are you looking at?". A question that one can unwisely answer with a flirty assertion (which would most likely be responded to with an expression of veiled /blatant offence or disregard) or blunt honesty which is never recommended. 

Looking at women is less offensive and received with less displeasure in certain situations (e.g. in a nightclub, at a fashion show or on a beach).

When a man sees an attractive woman wearing tight 'jeggins', a face full of make up with her breasts out, walking like she's on a catwalk, he shouldn't look too blatantly because ironically it seems evident that nobody wants him to. Of course, not everyone should do as they please.

A perusing male must also be aware of the fact that certain women are forbidden from returning one's gaze; it is hopeless and possibly dangerous to attempt to exchange lustful gazes with Muslim women and others with unstable partners.


A major majority of men will not, with sex in minds forefront, look longingly into the eyes of, smile at and/or attempt an introduction with an attractive woman he passes on the street due to experience: nearly all previous unsolicited shows of desire from the average man have been negatively received. 

Some women scream, some try to ignore, some laugh but all end up looking away and disappearing never to be seen again, leaving bad tastes and bruisings behind them. The only men who don't feel like that have had numerous positive experiences when previously looking at or approaching women so are not afraid of another failed attempt at a flirty interaction. Understandably, they are the minuscule minority - even good looking guys want to save their egos.

Often a man will find it difficult to look away from something beautiful that he will never touch or see again. Many men seek easier and less painful lives by never looking at such things.

When involving any kind of interaction, attempts to look at the majority of females are saddening (depressing), consistently bringing light to the fact that in reality the 'perving' male will only have a short list of sexual partners and intimate friendships (opposing his perhaps instinctual desire to have many), most if not all of which will be with less attractive women than those he could go outside to masochistically drool over. 

Negatively received attempts at eye contact will, after a certain point, only give the man even more misery and compound his sadness. As will brush-offs, looks of disgust, embarrassment and ridicule, false 'I didn't see you's' (what we have to do too) and lead-ons.

It is not a confidence issue, it is about being logical and learning from previous experiences. Why would you go somewhere you've never been wanted?

Teenagers are looking older than ever before so caution must be taken when spotting a female at her physical peak, she could be underaged.., making the unknowing observer a "paedophile" by peeping at what appears to be prime beef. You can never be sure, the girl of your dreams that you just saw walking by with her tiny untouched tummy, long height and protruding booty might be 15 and actually up for it.

Despite women evidently wanting to be looked at, the appreciation levels are even more polarised when considering male/female spectators than they are with hot males/ugly guys; most women care more about attention from other women than attention from random males.

So.. Why men don't look at you...
Imagine a huge room filled with gorgeous sports cars. Would you want to be in there if you believed that you would never drive, let alone own, one of those wonderful vehicles or anything like them? If yes, for how long? If no, would you even care?..

"Lady, you aren't worth looking at, I can barely give you a returned greeting. You won't give me anything and i'll just be looking at what I can't have, its painful. Tell me... do you like window shopping?"
"Yes, I do actually"

To finish,
I request that all of you women be nicer to men, all men.. especially if you're available. Things will happen girl..

Monday, September 30, 2013

How To Listen To A Stutterer (Solved)


Understand that speaking with a stammerer isn’t ever likely to be a normal conversation. The person that you speak with doesn’t converse or think of talking in the same way as a fluent talker.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Odd Trains: Extortionate and Unfair Rail Services


"Whoever... Is this fair?"

Journey A takes 30 mins and travels a distance of 30 miles
Journey B takes 30 mins and travels a distance of 30 miles

Journey A is under more demand, yet has the same train frequency and number of carriages as Journey B, which gets fewer passengers and less demand.

Journey A costs 34 coins to take
Journey B costs 14 coins to take

Does this make sense?
Why and how are these companies allowed to do this?

In 2008, a ticket which could be used to return with within 30 days of purchase, costed
a fifth more than the price of a single fare.
In 2012, a ticket which could be used to return with within 30 days of purchase, costed
the same as two singles.

"Pubic transport in Great Britain...."

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Contactless Payments Coming Up!!! - Diabolical Secrets

UPDATE: It is now 12th June 2014 and there are voice announcements playing on the buses saying "Cash will no longer be accepted on buses"... 

There is no reason for me to lie and there's no reason to not believe this (reverse as appropriate).

"Soo, an insider source has told me that the privatised Transport for London is currently (8/2013) training their staff to work with and administer 'Contactless Payment' scheduled to be in use "by 2016."

What Happened to the Music Industry?


Friday, August 02, 2013


Over 30 Million British people feel that the European invasion is a bad thing but the occupation/theft has a few benefits..

Push for education and employment

The unending droves of “educated” European immigrants coming over and entering roles without lining them up before getting on the plane sends a message to the nationals about education, 'if you want a job you must go and get trained up'.

Experience is required more than ever before, no more are the days of being able to go to an employer requesting a job and the necessary but not-too-hard training, unless an apprenticeship, only available to under-24's, is miraculously acquired. Why is experience needed to stack shelves?

Many British citizens applying for 'quick' certifications in immigrant saturated professions such as security or construction (the most popular ones requiring only a few weeks of observing to complete) will find that their mandatory criminal records bureau (CRB) checks will bring up petty misdemeanours that render them ineligible. Fortunately, an immigrant can easily falsify their difficult to check history regarding both crime and experience.

Somehow most of these new European people have qualifications and/or plenty of satisfactory experience unlike many nationals,1 in 2 newly opened positions goes to an immigrant. With EE's filling up most of the lower and un-skilled roles, a lower chance of employment for nationals will result in greater demand for education and training. In addition, regularly being unable to understand people promotes the learning of other languages.

This increased demand will benefit the training and certification industry, eventually bringing an increase to governmental tax receipts and more stolen and wasted money.

Pleasing the EU and receiving those benefits

A few liberals argue that without immigration this country would halt in broken disarray. This notion was only true at certain times in history, e.g. after world wars, but is logically untrue today. During and after consecutive recessions and a poorly hidden employment crisis with, as well as other methods used by our government, large numbers being signed off from the unemployment register by being allocated part time positions by government and EU funded organisations, such large numbers of immigrants are certainly making life here harder for everyone outside of ‘big business’.

If open immigration was curtailed there would be many changes and transitions but none would be catastrophic; although immigration will always cause numbers and demand to increase, growing economies and infrastructures by force, development is possible in all circumstances, especially with the "superior minds of the British". 

Complex are the full terms of agreement between the EU and the British Government but it is clear and stated that the borders of England and its valuable benefits are no longer under British control and are freely open to more than half a billion Europeans. There must be some extraordinarily valuable benefit to being in the EU, so presumably this mass migration, along with a long list of other sacrificial obligations, ensures its receipt. The government and media keeps telling the public that there are financial benefits to EU inclusion -- if that is true, what happened to Spain or Greece?

All cuts are offset by increased demand. There are a few EU benefits in plain view such as funding for community services and large business investments but are England’s receipts bigger than her contributions?

Raise usage of businesses and open spaces

As ‘foreigners’ lounge blissfully on the previously underused benches strewn around, talking loud and drinking beer in public places, simply enjoying their surroundings with touristic novelty, things look very different. Previously, park benches were used mostly by school kids and alcoholics. This display of appreciation should make the British-born see their invaded country in a different light, as a place to utilise and enjoy as the immigrants do.

Local businesses thrive from a wealth of customers whilst riversides, parks and local entertainment businesses such as tours, museums and theatres are seeing increasing numbers of admissions. Neighbourhoods in England are more bustling in the daytime than ever before, if unfortunately with a lack of unified community and universal rapport. Despite the fact that, while accounting for only 20% of England's total population, 4 in 10 murder or rape suspects were born elsewhere -- surprisingly less at 1 in 3 in the cities -- the streets are thankfully being used more due to immigration, which is good.

Whiter immigrants and the future

The pale ‘caucasian’ division in England has been drifting uncomfortably away from a majority status, with “Others” floating over 50% and London only having 44% 'white' English in 2011. Without the current mass European immigration, the next generation of Brits would consist mostly of darker skinned people, changing the face, image and agenda of Europe's loudest country.

Before the mass European migration, It was expected that, in a few decades, British 'whites' would be the smallest racial demographic nationwide. In 2012, ‘whites’ were the minority in a number of places with 2 in every 5 public schools in London having an Asian majority and 44% nationwide having ‘non-white’ majorities. Many areas of England's cities are vigilante-policed by groups known as the 'Paki Panthers'. That is a secret.

England’s population has been progressing increasingly 'non-white' over the past 60 years, not decidedly a bad thing, so the recent influx of European 'whiteness' acts as a "safeguard". The majority of these immigrants are likely to be bothered to learn the language, pay taxes and integrate into 'big society' instead of burrowing into discriminating communities, cultural ignorance and untaxed finance. Also, a 'whiter' next generation will give the British government more of a reason to care about it's people.

These particular immigrants are an issue that we will be forced to endure and deal with in the most positive way.



Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Better Justice System

I know, I know that I should be hopeless about huge reforms of any law system. Too convoluted to edit, it seems that the law-books can only be expanded.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I Heart Boston, UK

Boston, Massachusetts in America was the last place in America that abolished segregation. Boston had the first ever US public school in 1635 and the first American subway in 1897. It was named Boston after the British town, in remembrance of respected and revered colonists.

Boston in Lincolnshire, England has been allowed to become overrun by Polish, Bulgarian, Lithuanian and other European immigrants. A quarter of Boston’s population is of retirement age, on last decades census there was less than 35,000 residents. Today, tiny Boston has at least 60,000 people residing, at least 20,000 europeans have been allowed to invade and reside resulting in a third of the English town’s population being European immigrants. Its modest high street has 70% of its local business shops owned by European immigrants.
The town has more than 185 places to learn english.

Monday, July 22, 2013

(EXCLUSIVE) Will and Kate's Baby Name and First Pictures!!

Kate Middleton and Prince William have had their first child at 26 minutes past 4 pm on the 22nd of July 2013. We are proud to have the first pictures of the baby boy and exclusive knowledge of his name. The child is ginger and the royal parents have named him Marco-Dave, reportedly after Marco Pierre White a famous chef who Kate idolises. Below are the first baby pictures..

Marco-Dave poses for the camera
A screenshot from the personal delivery film
Marco-Dave crying

Monday, July 15, 2013

Positive Stereotypes (And Negative)

We all know that 'we should be against stereotypes' but many stereotypes are actually fine and dandy with the 'victims', --appreciated-- when positive.

Stereotypes: (noun) Socially common misconceptions and false generalisations that are typically degrading and damaging.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Gay Double Standard

People always say that “Two men in a relationship is disgusting but two women in a relationship is cool” then people reply “That’s not fair, that’s not right”… It isn't fair, it isn't right but it is LOGICAL
The two opposing sides are completely different, so they shouldn't be judged in the same hearing.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The End Of Manners? Manners Don't Matter

It seems manners are unimportant in most situations.

'They' smoke in public places despite the unlawful nature of the act, talk loudly in public at times of quiet, scream like drunk gypsies as people sleep and are seemingly afraid to smile or show signs of welcoming acknowledgement other than a displeased gawp.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Found in Sewage Pipe WTF

MAY 2013, China Land

A woman gives birth, to a 6 pound baby boy, too poor for abortion despite the many inexpensive options available at various times in the pregnancy,

Thinking of the fateful one-night stand, the lady then vaginally expelled the baby into the toilet and "tried to catch it" but couldn't so it went down the hole.. Someone found a live baby in a pipe, they heard the crying and had to search. I wonder if they heard it hours before they found it, how loud did they turn the TV up?

What kinda toilets have they got over in Eastern China? Ones without U bends?

"So the poor baby just slid down a deep toilet hole and got stuck?"

"Who cut the cord?"

They say the placenta was still attached...

I see a chin!! 

"The public also is very ambiguous over whether you are committing a murder when you kill an infant or abandon it " Sociologist Li Yinhe said.

The story may be worse than what actually happened to the baby.... @)


Monday, May 27, 2013

A Secret Secret of Success

It was said that Albert Einstein only slept for 3 hours a year, which is purist hyperbole. Sure, he was a busy man, with all his projects, but he must have been of truly extraordinary intellect in order for his brain to function so well without any resting time. It was also highly probable that he didn’t have a social life and was the opposite of energetic.

As a youth, I was really good at something special, I knew I was world-class. I was only so brilliant because I'd happily spent 3 or 4 years doing it every single day. I sacrificed many things… whether it was all for something or nothing is irrelevant. I became great out of devotion..

 "You can only succeed at something with time… without it, only being lucky will get you success"

Imagine a champion snooker player gaining great success in his field—how did he do it? He (or she) must have practiced day and night for years; dedicating himself to that particular skill. Would he have been able to do all he did in order to become successful if he had to look after an unwell relative, a child, business or other things of such high priority?

Often, the reason a student fails at school is that he or she has had more ‘important’ things to do other than revise for tests, research and do homework. No, not just partying....

Badly behaved at school, Isaac Newton didn't have parents, many friends or family... all he had was free time and interests.

Why didn't the slaves spend time experimenting for the progression of science? Because they were busy…

Imagine a student, who cannot spend enough time learning, because its friends and family are always stealing its attention, the learning tools are absent and it has to work to not be homeless and hungry... Ok, would you expect to see that student become successful in its studies? Would a student without those setbacks have a harder time studying?

If one desires a good chance of success, one must be obliged to undertake training in all relevant practices at the near complete expulsion of other unrelated activities. One is only capable of executing said notion if one has copious amounts of time to spare and no distractions.

Imagine attempting to focus on something, with something else in your mind... 

"One of my former students, Roland Legiardi-Laura, though both his parents were dead and he had no inheritance, rode a bicycle across the U.S. alone when he was hardly out of boyhood. Is it any wonder that in manhood he made a film about Nicaragua, although he had no money and no prior experience with filmmaking, and that it was an international award winner — even though his regular work was as a carpenter?"
'Why Schools Don't Educate' by John Taylor Gatto

You can't sit around painting, writing, developing, studying or experimenting if you've got lots of business to handle and you shan't be a success at something without doing it all the time.

Basically, this particular secret of success is to not have many obligations or problems to handle; to be free, you need space to grow.

Take this concept further and it can assist in explaining the correlation between wealthy business-focused parents and vocationally successful children.

"To give yourself the best chance of success: disregard family or other things that are unrelated to your goal"

What's the Point in Being Vegan?

I feel pity for these vegetarian martyrs, spending ten pounds on a bag of nuts. It seems most vegans are as such due to sympathy and disgust for the admittedly saddening acres of crying caged birds..

If meat shouldn't be eaten because of animals dying, what will not eating meat do? Will not eating meat stop animals from being killed in their trillions? Are these vegetarians going to the jungle to stop lions from massacring deer? Or spiders killing flies? Have any joined together petitioning to stop the cat killing Asians with a taste for dogs and live monkey brains? NO.. it's a futile act of self sacrifice like following an illogical limitation of a religion.

"Surely, if you are a vegetarian, you'll be eager to smoke a couple blunts"

"Don't act like you don't want something good!"

What are the benefits? The food is more expensive, takes more effort to prepare, looks inedible and is boring (vegans spice up their munch times with experimentation and variety -- a new kind of leaf or a new recipe for homemade flapjacks, its like a lazy mans horticulture, with skew). As well as suitable food purchases being limited, shopping trips are longer because labels need to be examined. Inconveniently and carelessly selfish, at Christmas the cooking has to be done twice, typically by someone else.

From experience, being vegan does not make you healthier: it makes you chubby with bad skin. Humans are carnivores, with physical and chemical traits that predispose them as meat-eaters. To not eat meat is to not be human, as it is to not have an opinion. We are made to eat meat. Not eating meat will damage your body.

A few of the things that vegans are not supposed to eat due to them containing Animal extracts:

(Certain) Chewing gum, ice cream, chocolate, cheese, pastries, crisps, sweets etc. 

What's a real vegan?

I suspect that for some it is an act of superiority; distancing themselves from the meat-eating mouth-breathers who do as they are supposed to. Would vegans be so against animal death and consumption if we (humanity) were, once again, prey? (#and again)

And bottom line, they're missing out: bacon sarnies and lamb chops are some of the few things to live for by natures law. Disagree? Go take ya head for a poop.

Where are my sheep?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Religion Is A Bad Joke (part 1/100)

Sarah doesn't know how old she is- probably 30- but she is just grateful to be alive...

Her parents were murdered in impoverished Uganda under the terrible regime of the war criminal Joseph Kony. Sarah was kidnapped, beaten and raped. She was then rescued and taken to to Britain, only to be trapped in the sex trade there.

Despite all that, Sarah loves God and her faith has grown..

She does not even know if the British authorities will let her stay beyond next year.. But Sarah firmly believes that Jesus will look after her, wherever she ends up...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bum-out baggy jeans fashion? WTF

People don’t realise that there are actually reasonable reasons behind the annoying practice of people wearing low-sagging jeans, with their asses exposed, that you're tired of seeing on the streets with these young people trying to act bad and cool like G's n' all dat.

The usual reasons given for this are either the well-shared action of gay men in prison selling their asses and advertising the fact by having their panties showing, that it's "cool n' popular" or that “it’s what the gangsters do”..I'm not sure who was the first person to wear that style with high publicity, but there were many rocking it for less fashionable reasons...

Many people are too poor too own new trousers,
if I’m not mistaken it started with the youths,”
the ones who owned and wore the same clothes for years after they grew out of them and had to wear ‘hand-me-downs’ that looked too short when pulled up above the waist. 

I remember “jack-ups” – old trousers that had legs ending above the ankles. The only alternative to embarrassment was to pull them down to make them reach the top of worn shoes and look close to normal..the short trousers then looked long enough but the backside was uncovered…That coulda been where it started..

Another possible reason for this is,
"Guess the caption"
if I’m not mistaken this started from the “black” people before the 90’s,”
body shape differences.
Negro people typically have posteriors that have superior protrusion and genital packages that are relatively big. Try and pull old fashioned 90’s standard boot cut jeans up above the waist on a “black” man—it will not be very comfortable for him, they were not made to ‘his’ specification, not enough space is there.. so more had to be made by pulling the trousers down.

"I don't like getting a hard-on from walking.."

Also, a protruding bottom on a clothed man was and is seen as undesirable to some (and the self-concious) so pulling trousers down could have been used as a way to hide ones asssesese.

As a pair of jeans ride low with the waistband up against the hips, instead of resting on top of them, left to hold on against gravity and movement, they gradually end up below the buttock, exposing the cheek. 

It’s unavoidable, a belt won’t help when trousers are (un)secured around something soft instead of hanging on hips. Obviously, really defiant fashionistas will stupidly pull their trousers down to just above the knees due to trying to be extra special and different.. for many, I can imagine its comfortable…

I feel uncomfortable talking about this any more… There are many reasons for people wearing this style. 

To summarise, the overly saggy pant trend could have begun with a need for comfort, not simply pure stupidity— However, now it is simply unnecessary and somewhat idiotic.

Also people have been wearing baggy clothing for millennia so stop hating...

Check these out!



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chill Out on the Benefits Cap

People love to get new things to complain about..

The monkey-brained British government, probably at the influence of the EU, have decided to introduce a limit onto how much money social security receivers can receive. Isn't that something that should have already been in place?

An issue is that the misplaced public outcry is unreasonable: the cap is likely to be a maximum of £500 a week for couples with or without children and £350 a week for single people. These amounts of dough are what most people work for and the impoverished dream about, the concessions provided by benefit eligibility make these values even more sustaining than they appear to be.

At the most lenient these amounts should only be warranted by receivers having something like 12 kids...which is unacceptable carelessness anyway.

These 'caps' only serve to highlight the incentive to receive benefits and stay out of work as opposed to scare people into it...our government is wasting their efforts.

Instead of uniting about nothing....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Poem: Man Without Power (Short)

A man without power...
without the power to protect
without the power to avenge
without the power of threat
without the power to provide
without the power of justice
...Is that really a man?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

People Keep Hating All the Time

Everywhere you go it seems most people are against you

With their own unreasonable excuses to dislike and sabotage your business

Nobody wants to suffer for anyone else

If we were all more respectful to eachother, respecting basic human rights and believing in mandatory, universal equality relating to all terms of division-- would we not all be happy?

It used to be that a person was all about others
now its aaall about you-- and those you need to use.

What the world needs more of is... compassion

imagine, if it was against the law to not show compassion

to not be fair...
to not help a victim of crime or accident......

If even just the fear of punishment was there, everything would be different and better for all around the world.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

7 Ways Women Are Better Off Than Men

  1. Women are, by default, cared for by men who work, forfeit and suffer for them 
  2. Women are able to change their image and still be attractive, for men the room is narrow
  3. It’s okay and expected for women to be selfish and conceited, pushing and testing their men
  4. Women have a much higher chance of getting parental custody in the courtroom
  5. Women can have arguments in the workplace without getting fired
  6. Women can freely perve over males, even innocently saying under-age boys are “cute”
  7. For women, refraining from the opposite sex (homosexuality) is completely desirable

Women have all the rights men do but with a few additions e.g. Enhanced right to privacy and right of way. There is no right a man has that a woman doesn’t.
Also, women have the beautiful experience of childbirth.
Also, women are predisposed to being capable of being in full control of their loyal men.


Saturday, March 09, 2013

God and Dark People (quickie) Islam

To whoever acknowledges referral

If God made me in his image?

Why are you a racist?

Why dont you believe that all men are equal?

Friday, March 08, 2013

Do English People Hate England?

if not, then why are they allowing it to deteriorate and fall

Allowing millions of scrounging foreigners into the country, almost welcomed. Rejecting and ignoring the cries of those born here to regain the control and ability to improve this country. Proclaiming that their own English people are lazy and unskilled.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Facebook Games Are Rubbish

As of right now...

Most Facebook games are 2D unoriginal copies of other, more successful ones with hhuuugly graphics and no fun to be had. play this after you realise this isn't 3D
Since these games are not fun, you might be looking for a story. Look hard.

You reach a point in most of these games, usually after 2 or 3 hours of play, where to proceed you must pay for an enhancement (extra stars or items you need). This practice makes playing these games pointless and unsatisfying, being forced to forfeit playing due to insurmountable difficulty only there to make additional money.

I'm looking forward to the first quality 3D game that you can play in-browser on Facebook. Imagine a "Second Life" service that would connect you to realistic avatars of all your friends. By 2016, the average computer will be able to display Xbox360-quality graphics so this notion is a possibility.

Thieves!! make a good Facebook game and then money will be reasonable, until then.. facebook ain't a place to play games, I'm on Steam...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Hate Tidying Up

It amazes me to see how some people live....

Willfully living in squalor, thier havens are neglected.
All it takes is 30 mins each day.

Food in their bedsheets
Plastic bin bags littered around the house
Kitchens stinking and thick with filth
Bedrooms cluttered with clothes all over the floor
Bathrooms with sinks that will make you dirty.

Why on earth would you live in a way that that you yourself would frown upon? Defending your idiocy with delusional justification eg. "My messiness gives me character" LOL

People say your creations are reflections of your mentality.
A room with a bed that has been unchanged for over a year means what?


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brown Equals Excrement

Why aren't people ashamed to say that they think of poo when they see something brown?

Its idiocy, like saying everything red reminds you of dying.
Must we always focus on the worst? The colour Brown can conjure up thoughts of other less disgusting things e.g: wood, chocolate and earth to name a few.. But No, Its funny to say brown reminds you of doodoo.

A negative thought/notion in any head.
what do you think when you see a brown person?.or liken brown to poo around a brown person?. you're smart..yeah..really?

Is this widespread and international practice decent or civil?..
Answer: Neither

White drink looks like its full of Puss from zits
Pink looks like the stripped skin off rats or pigs
Yellow and Pale looks like something that's dead or old
And green for some reason reminds me of mould

If brown only ever makes you think of poo you are an nasty imbecile..

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Poem - What Good

What good is a man who cannot serve and protect his family
What good is a law of which exemption can be bought
What good is a man who has no kind of power over any woman
What good is a law that punishes your justice

Theres only one thing I can do to get revenge
but I'll be the one behind bars instead of them

What good is a man who cannot fight for his right
What good is a law that stands against democracy
What good is a man that cannot avenge the rape of his child
What good is a law that forces crimes to go unpunished

Theres only one thing I can do to get revenge
but I'll be the one behind bars instead of them...


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Society Hates Hip Hop

Hiphop's heyday is gone.. Although there are successful artists, nobody cares about who's the best.

It's fashionable to say "I don't like rap or hiphop" yet it's also fashionable to see poetry as amaaaazing and childlike crap rap by absolutely anyone who doesn't look 'like a rapper' as worthy of applause. People are reluctant to give rap a chance, downplaying the genre as bull..

Most mainstream hip hop music and media displays ignorance and idiocy, giving a contradictory impression to the true art of hip hop music. 

Gang bangers, hoes, drugs and gun play. It seems almost custom made to be demonised, probably has been. Mainstream rappers today only talk of glorifying paid sex, crime and being rich. The revealing irony is clear when you ask "Why would that sell?

WorldStarHipHop is well known for being the place to find videos of women being beaten up.

Many rappers have reached success simply by making noise and talking rubbish with careless ignorance.

What is hiphop? It is a culture, focused on music, living and mentality. Spawned by the need for individuality, a force for free speech and education. For Positivity. Hip hop is an art-form as valid as film-making or opera.

Who wants to listen to the offensive views of an empty headed and disillusioned teenager? A teenager, that's who... Hip hop made for adults with intelligence in mind is consistently not marketed -- Probably because we aren't supposed to be smart and know about the world and its injustices. 

The hiphop main stage is full of alcoholic druggie, gangbanging idiots who we: the people, have admitted into the proverbial hall and reward. Failure is almost guaranteed to a hip hop artist if he or she strenuously uses their brain -- because of you.


Kendrick Lamar is about as conscious as the mainstream wants to get. Hiphop has the capacity to be a positive force in the world. Knowledge of the Illuminati has arguably been popularised by Hiphop music, a sign that it is still a medium of message. Sadly though, more people have been informed about the devilish group with stories about Illuminati puppets from the anonymous than the number who have been informed about the topic by Illuminati ousters.

Many over/underground artists stay righteous, creating music and visuals with valuable messages and compositions to offset the negative efforts. A main and near exclusive aspect of hip hop is the focus on lyricism.

A small and precious portion of today's hip hop music features lyrics that are self referential and have triple entendres, making for dialogues that are, to many, not understandable. Most people who like hiphop only listen for the bass and attitude, everything other aspect is irrelevant. The less the rapper is doing the better. 

Battlerap is evidently an intellectually progressive arena, with practices that are being employed by rap music makers. I can reasonably liken understanding the appeal of superior hip hop to being able to understand how to do cryptic crossword puzzles or critique fine or modern art. Unfortunately, the artists who focus on intellect and lyrical progression are not marketable -- Like an arthouse movie with subtitles, nobody wants to know; Its too much effort to listen to that shit..

Hip hop music doesn't have to be about the music, It can be solely about the understanding of the listener.. a notion that is alien to most.

As a fan of rock music, do you listen to the stupid copycat garbage or the undeniably good stuff? If only the mainstream could consume rap music in such a considerate way. There is without question, a good section of hip hop For You... Stop Hating!!

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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Extortionate Transport Fares Will Continue To Rise

Will transport companies stop milking their customers? NO. Fares rise as services remain poor. They have even shortened the numbers of passengers rise, the train capacities decrease with little to no increase to frequency. It would seem that commuters are Hated.

For Example -- I am between London and Cambridge (Uk capital and a smaller city) the journeys to either destination take the same duration of time from where I start. But the tickets are different prices: to Cambridge and back -right now- it is £11 for a return and £10 for a single compared to London and back's £15 single £18 return -- You spend the same amount of time on each journey (Less Than 30 mins) but the London one is used more..Those cheeky animals.

A monthly ticket bought by a worker a month in advance is nearly the same price as 4 weekly tickets bought consecutively, that cant be right.. today a weekly ticket is 116 pounds, up from 110.
For a start, Why isn't there a 5 day ticket? Most long-distance commuters only use their tickets on the workdays, so why must they be forced into buying a 7 day pass, with no alternative if they want to get the least offensive deal. For the workers: SELL A 5 DAY PASS .

What these companies are doing is extortion. They understand that people have to work and travel to do it, whatever the conditions. Theoretically, with the fact we are consistently too sheepish to protest, They Can Do What They Like, even if  it prices the working out of jobs.
"I cant afford to do this job anymore" 

£445 A MONTH... MOST PEOPLE ONLY MAKE AROUND £1000 A MONTH... Is it reasonable to pay half of your wages out on travel costs?.. Housing rent is £400 a month at least. So HOW are millions of people expecting to live?

Public transport services should be Under Public Control... but no, our services are owned by Americans and other wealthy international companies, who have no reason to help us mere NUMBERS.
The London Underground is no better..
London Underground travelcard prices

 Prices will only keep on rising if we allow our governments to forfeit control..

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Governments Picking on the Unemployed

I am self-employed, I make my own money--how, I shouldn't say... I'm okay

But if I was unemployed, I'd be a sad, sad person. Society looks down on the out-of-work but is partly responsible for their lack of positions. I am sure everyone who is unemployed has applied for work, numerous times. We as a society can and should ensure that employment is fair and for all.

Whoever stops applying for jobs did so because they Understood that they were wasting their time annoying themselves with the overly strenuous application processes; they found out that they have no chance of finding a job that way.

It used to be: You go to school or get a qualification and -- You got a Job
Today: "Its more complicated..."

In 2012, the US government proposed a "fiscal cliff" plan for economic recovery that would just happen to deny social security to over 2 Million long-term jobless. The Unemployed Are Hated.

What we never hear is: HOW MANY JOBS ARE THERE??? If the number of available jobs is only a fraction of the number of unemployed people out there wanting jobs--why are the Jobless being demonised and punished? How can people get jobs that don't exist?

"Hey there You 20 Million LAZY, STUPID unemployed PLEBIANS!!!
   There is 3 Million positions out there for you, half of them part time and short term!!
    You have NO EXCUSE to be unemployed!!!!"
"Hey employers, IMMIGRANTS work better.....Our people are lazy and unreliable!!"


We need a system for JOB PLACEMENT..

Good luck

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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Black Girls and Wigs


Please, please, please PLEASE, Please.. Don't do PORN with natural hair, remember... Showbiz, Please, please, please PLEASE...

What exactly is going on with black girls and their hair?

Everywhere I go, in the city and outside of it, over half of the African or Caribbean looking girls have unsightly fake hair on their heads. Weaves, Wigs and Hairpieces.

"Black" girls, in general, have an issue with their (no pun) negro hair-- the media doesn't help: nearly never showing a "black" woman as beautiful with her natural hair. Respect to "A Christmas Horror Story".

Showbiz and reality (real life) are two different things that have a particular relationship: Showbiz is a part of reality whilst reality has little belonging in showbiz. Therefore, the standards of the show business world should not apply to real life. "In showbiz everyone one wears wigs and hairpieces."

I get a girls number in the evening, call her up, get excited and arrange a date. I meet her and Boom, Wow, I don't feel comfortable with her in public, SHE HAS A WIG ON, an invisible parting. Can I ask her if she had CANCER? People look at us funny, I look at her funny, ON EDGE waiting for someone to say something.. She must not love herself...

(skipping over the epic anthology)
Lets get it straight: 'Black' girls' issue with their negro hair is anchored by the fact that it isn't straight 'white' hair. That in it's natural state it is dry, springy, unruly and ultimately different.

Indians love their hair. Why? Because its straighter and grows longer?
It is always pleasant to see a darker toned female with her own curly hair, they look beautiful. A woman will never, NEVER ever look Good (never mind her 'best') with a Wig on, especially if she's young and pretty, it ruins you.

"Oh but 'white' girls always change their hair, wearin' different colours and styles!"
Dying your hair is different to replacing it. Every hairstyle should be 'styled'.. Duurrr

I'm awaiting the time a "black" celebrity goes to a big event with a bunch of CHAINS on her head.

Its just not a good look. The practice roots from the times of oppression, Black Hair was demonised and seen as messy, unpleasant and inferior. "Whites" were more willing to endure a "black" person if he or she was without / didn't have BIG, Black, Curly, Unruly hair. You would only get employed or accepted if most or all of your natural and curly hair was GONE. The 60's was a special time..
Beautiful Hair (Click4FullSize NOW!!)
"no its not still like that, isn't it? if it is, who's upholding it?"

Mothers force and teach their daughters to wear wigs as children. They and the majority of the Negro community, male and female, also teach them that their natural unchanged curly hair is ugly, silly and inferior by calling it names like 'nappy', 'dutty' and 'messy'.

Poor females spend more than the price of 100 loafs of bread every month on FAKE HAIR.
Many Millions of beautiful women cannot feel comfortable or confident in public simply because their natural hair is visible.
Some shave it all off...
Women use these methods of self-disrespect (weave, lacefronts, wigs etc.) eagerly despite the widely known fact that using them for prolonged lengths of time will unavoidably damage their hair and scalp to a point where their natural hair is truly ugly (unhealthy, patchy, thin, a headtop alopecia hairline) and they virtually have no choice but to wear "enhancers". Amazing isn't it? Shocking, No?

Imagine willingly paying a fee for a FAKE CLOWN NOSE every month and wearing it PROUDLY because you think its better than your own. SERIOUSLY ("no, no, your talkin shi")

Imagine how "black" men feel about the opposite sex of their 'race'. Imagine the impact. Women so unable to respect and love themselves properly, with that same negative attitude seeping over and into other areas of ones being. Imagine how it could make "black" men feel... as the other half of their racial division: the effects, individually and collectively..

Imagine how (positive) non-black people feel about seeing you women like this. How it might make them happy to see you like this.

"Black" women must proudly wear and manage their OWN, natural hair in order to prove that WE ARE FREE and all "races" are equal, DO as YOU WANT... but think about it a bit please..


"No, it's Nappy!! and nappy is a bad, bad thing, eeurggh!!"

Happy being me!! I am BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Deal or No Deal Foreigners

Millions of people apply for Deal or No Deal every year, in every country that the franchise has a show in.

I am currently in England and have applied for the show more than ten times. I apply for myself and family members once every few months and the awful application form is about as long and drawn out as one can be.

Yet, Eastern Europeans and other Foreigners are accepted on to the show, even though they haven't been in the country for more than a year or so. These people aren't even 3yr citizens.

I believe shows like this (gameshows) should only be open to actual citizens, there's large amounts of money being given out for free. These shows should ONLY be open to people who have been in the country for more than 10 years and are NOT RICH.

That rules out these fresh immigrants and rich people, THAT'S FAIR. Deal or No Deal stop Giving Money to Foreigners, you imbeciles.

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