Thursday, January 03, 2013

Governments Picking on the Unemployed

I am self-employed, I make my own money--how, I shouldn't say... I'm okay

But if I was unemployed, I'd be a sad, sad person. Society looks down on the out-of-work but is partly responsible for their lack of positions. I am sure everyone who is unemployed has applied for work, numerous times. We as a society can and should ensure that employment is fair and for all.

Whoever stops applying for jobs did so because they Understood that they were wasting their time annoying themselves with the overly strenuous application processes; they found out that they have no chance of finding a job that way.

It used to be: You go to school or get a qualification and -- You got a Job
Today: "Its more complicated..."

In 2012, the US government proposed a "fiscal cliff" plan for economic recovery that would just happen to deny social security to over 2 Million long-term jobless. The Unemployed Are Hated.

What we never hear is: HOW MANY JOBS ARE THERE??? If the number of available jobs is only a fraction of the number of unemployed people out there wanting jobs--why are the Jobless being demonised and punished? How can people get jobs that don't exist?

"Hey there You 20 Million LAZY, STUPID unemployed PLEBIANS!!!
   There is 3 Million positions out there for you, half of them part time and short term!!
    You have NO EXCUSE to be unemployed!!!!"
"Hey employers, IMMIGRANTS work better.....Our people are lazy and unreliable!!"


We need a system for JOB PLACEMENT..

Good luck

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