Thursday, April 24, 2014

Is Jobseekers Allowance Enough To Live On?

"I'm doing alright, thank you"

True Idiots love to say how people on welfare and benefits are doing fine; that they are comfortable in the lives they are living on welfare. Yes, there are the minority families on benefits that have a free mansion, 20,000 a year and 8 dirty children but... this is about Jobseekers (which I do not currently receive) Allowance.

'Enough' means enough sustain oneself and to get a job with, considering the fact that most jobs now require funds and resources to obtain due to employers hating talking, paper and the reading of it.

As of April 11th 2014, claimants aged 16-24 get £57.35 and over 25's are entitled to £72.40 a week.

A perfect job with no 'overhead' is a static role that is located at a walking distance from the employee's place of residence.. Lucky if you get one of those...

£57.35 may seem like a lot in the Congo where the internet isn't mandatory but, in London, a Jobseeker can spend £5 on the underground just going 3 stops away and back (and that's on the cheapest ticketing; an £5 Oyster without a discount).

There are many things that relate to this daily allowance such as housing benefits, credits, zero and 14 hour contracts, living standards etc. It is seriously complicated and I'm simplifying. Jobseekers allowance currently works out to about £8.19 daily for under 24s and £10.34 for over 25's, let's assume that everyone is supposed to already have accommodation, a phone with credit and know people but not smoke, drive or wear make-up etc. and not need anything new foever.

Without possibly paying rent, JSA can buy 1 hour at an internet cafe to apply for jobs n shsh, 2 rides on the choo-choo and three or four pounds are to go on GM food for the day. If, for one of many possible reasons, the claimant does not get their payment, with a maximum penalty term of 3 YEARS, should he or she be expected to be able to find work? The answer is NO.

Should he or she be expected to become a criminal?

That predicament would likely lead someone to enter into debt and studying. Couldn't that end up being a vicious circle/ cycle (both), in both ways?...

Can I have a job please :)
What about bills?

"Prostitution is illegal here, yeh?.. 
What about drug dealing? Stealing?..."

Due to the government's disdain for jobseekers, employers must expect to see applicants who are hungry, angry, late, depressed, dirty and homeless. The precise type of person they really don't want to see.

It would be great if Jobseekers (and others but JS' primarily) were given concessions that made progressive life and job acquisition more Possible, which would then shorten the times of transitions into employment. Sadly, this would only cost the government more money and help to make the issue of unemployment less tolerable for them for a few months (maybe 18)....


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