Monday, February 24, 2014

There Are Plenty Of Jobs Out There

Stop Lying!! You Disingenuous Ape!!!!

Proof that there are no jobs...

Logical deductions of bullcrack calling can be made from many sights, such as: Boris bashing the unemployed by saying that there are 30,000 jobs in London (so theres plenty) and that the unemployed british wannabe workers just suck. 

London has a population of  around 9 million, at least 500,000 are unemployed on record and more than 10,000 babies are born everyday. This is ignoring the fact that over 300,000 migrants come to stay in the UK every year and take at least one in every two newly created roles. It is only honest to say that there are no jobs.

"Firms advertising jobs in warehouses and for van driver, data entry and security guard positions are being overwhelmed by more than 100 responses to each advert."

"As the numbers applying for each job shoots up, employers have cut the number of positions they advertise by 50 per cent in the last year."

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