Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What I Think About My Black Ancestors.

One of many posts to come on the topic of slavery.
I have read a whole lot of information, opinions and history on this topic, feeling depressed at the thought of thinking about this shit, I decided to tell people what I think of my 'black ancestors' being slaves; dealing with their struggle and enduring the pains of slavery.

With any researched realisation on the topic of slavery and historical racism, what should be expected for one to develop is a negative impression on both involved parties. 'Black' people hate their history and the fact that the previous bearers of their race were in such states. Most 'blacks' who are elevated into higher-than-norm economic status choose to relinquish themselves of all 'black impressions'; not favouring or respecting their predecessors, rejecting 'black' cultures and welcoming the progressive distancing and disgust away from all 'blackness'.

To be totally honest and with sympathy, I feel that most of my ancestors were stupid idiots who allowed themselves to be less than humans, both at the beginning (the end) and the middle part of the mostly-untold story of slavery. Nobody today can understand what happened. Admittedly, it must have been hard to do anything without a small scale war to happen but if all 'blacks' consistently refused to be mastered, as some did, would or could the evil ones really have just killed us all? Complete genocide of 'Negroes' and criminals. Did it really have to take 400 years of pleading and submission for 'blacks' to be set free?

I think its fair to say that it can be seen as insulting to say that 'blacks' didn't have some kind of power over the situation....


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