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1000 Things Black People Hate About Themselves + Why in 2017

It's reasonable. 
There really are many interesting real reasons why 'Blacks' and other 'non-whites' say that "'White' people have better lives" than others and should be happier. WRITTEN BY A 'BLACK' MALE.

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This should be called: 
Things That 'Black People' Shouldn't Tend To Hate About Themselves... or About How 'blacks' feel about themselves being 'black'.
...and it might be painful for some...even though I expect nobody will want to acknowledge or share anything here (you should, if you want to help people understand 'black' issues). If posts / articles like this were shared as eagerly as cat videos and memes, the world would be a different place. Better for most.

Black Parents!!! Do Not Read This!! Turn away now!!.. ... you have been warned...

"I must keep this brief".. "This could be sooooo much longer"


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I'm happy about the hair in this context


With such a tough-to-discuss topic, it makes sense to begin with the main conclusions of this piece ... The most mentionable caveats of 'Blackness' that apply to (and are responded to by) nearly every 'black' person you will encounter...
  • The feeling of primitive inferiority by being a specifically defined race of human
  • Self-hatred from differences to other racial-identities and being under 'the negative 'black identity'
  • Poor evaluation and treatment of members of one's own racial grouping
  • Culturally enforced self-harm to remove racial aesthetics
  • A relatively large abundance of negative feelings about ones self and identity
  • Reception of common-known history as damaging, unwanted and reflective of inferiority
  • Fought-against compulsion into self-hate and rejection of 'black' culture
  • Being 'black' is perceived to result in hereditary limitations
  • Having two conflictingly opposed identities in one's mind
  • The effect of centuries of slavery and economic ruin being a part of individuals 'racial-identity'
  • Dissatisfaction with the current state of ones own race, relative to others
  • Expectation of unfair-treatment due to racial dynamics
  • more to come...
I'm Asian: 6 Forms Of Racism I Deal With Every Day

Their Hair

The black hair situation is a result of 'brainwashing' people into believing that black hair is scruffy, unpleasant (bad) and primitive while straight hair is clean and beautiful (better). This notion, and all the others, is something you (yes, you) believe but will disagree with. Don't blame me. 

In reality, with and without Eurocentric ideals, having tightly curled hair can have caveats: the hair is more vulnerable to breakage in certain climates, grows slower than may be desired and, in tight curls, can hold on to fluff. The last one results in random people picking at ones hair, which is received negatively in general circumstances, and self-consciousness when a natural-haired person is unable to see if their hair. These negative aspects serve to validate negative feelings 'blacks' may have about 'black' hair.

Virtually every barbarian character, in children's and adult's entertainment, has been made to have either dreadlocks or curly hair. 'Black' attributes made negative. The hair is always dark and the skin is never pale. No barbarian / primitive being is depicted with straight un-dreadlocked hair. Long straight hair with slight waves is internationally paraded as a pinnacle of female beauty. Dreadlocks - complimenting their fearsome name are attributed to 'blackness', uncleanliness and low-classes.

'Blacks' are discomforted by the 'blackness' in natural Afro hair. The tendency for other-races to like to touch it is not seen as complimentary, it is received as alienating. The only people with 'afro' hair are 'black' people and, because every 'other race' has straight hair, that is a provider of alienation and negative thoughts. Of course, many 'blacks' love their natural hair, because it's a sad life not to do that... and the hair is special by its uniqueness. The compulsions to remove their 'special' hair disturb 'blacks' even further. 
Probably Photoshopped
'Blacks' see their hair as a challenge, only capable of being a practical blessing through force. The men are not far from the women in discontent, believing that the least hair the better, with most of them being influenced to perceive that with thinness of the hair being bald is better than having hair. For those who have good heads of hair, most are socially pressured into enacting the notion that minimal hair is best

Fitting in to the concept of simplicity-based beauty in accordance with standards of form, hair is a decoration. Therefore, it is not best to be simplified. Yet, it is on 'black' men. Comparatively, 'black' hair in Afro form is objectivity perceived as relatively lacking in definition. With such issues about 'black' hair, it is clear to see why 'blacks' have their issues on display, often with damaging practices. 'Blacks' realise this inadequacy and it fuels further sadness. When 'blacks' don't care who sees their hair, their hair is natural... whenever 'blacks' care about who sees their hair, they alter or hide it. This gives an aspect of self-hatred that can be seen by those in the 'black' communities, creating cycles of descendants and discord between the sexes. Further fuel.

Many 'Black' men follow a fashion that involves shaving their hairlines into a virtually straight line. What does not fade is not fashion. A natural hairline on 'black' men is a bad thing to 'black' people but not to other races. This is because their tightly textured hair is defined by the hairline and shaping instead of the defining lines of loosely hanging hair seen with straight hair. This, among numerous other things, breeds at least a small degree of self pity in all 'blacks'. 

Also notice the  line on the forehead caused by wearing 'fitted' hats too much, relied on to hide one's hair and age
'Black' people know that other races may see them as stupid or 'monkey-in-a-suit-like' to have straight-box hairlines but most of the males, due to a conflict of interests, still keep doing it. It went from doing it for 'acceptance' to doing it to look 'good' and 'neat'. The practice of this unique and vacant hairstyle, although providing positive feelings in some respects, brings negative thoughts to 'black' people about their hair.

'Black' people have adopted numerous depressingly damaging practices paraded in denial as traits of cultural uniqueness to be proud of - in the aim for easy assimilation. They believe (often from experience) that other races like them more when they are removed from the natural 'black' aesthetic of bushy (nappy) hair and / or afrocentric stylings.

The majority of 'black' women knowingly give themselves hair loss, by making too many alterations and treatments to their hair, as a damaging sacrifice for benefits. Around half of 'black' women over 24 feel that their natural hair 'makes them uglier' and is not as good as it would be with alterations. Over half of 'black' females under 24 feel the same. This provides 'black' communities with further self-pity, self-hatred and self-harm compulsions. 

Due to the partly outer-defined culture of western black men (and women), having their hair longer than 2 centimetres and shorter than 7cm long is thought of as ugly, unkempt and bad - known as a Bifro (B-Afro) when worn by women. This widespread and culturally enforced notion results in most 'black' men keeping their hair at either below 3 centimetres or above 10cm in length. 'Black' men typically grow their hair between 3 and 10cm when acceptance from others is of no consequence.

Accept me.. what's it gonna take??
Tightly curled hair, when in abundance, requires inconvenient daily effort to keep clean and free from foreign objects. Another perceived negativePoor education on this issue causes many blacks to believe that burning the hair straight and using endless chemicals is healthier, easier and more intelligent than looking after black hair naturally, which is obviously wrong. All that is needed is a daily brush and low-chem moisturiser. Yet many hairdressers proclaim the disadvantages to natural, due to their culturally inappropriate 'beauty'-based educations overblown by their hunger for business and companionship. 

They hate how it is 'dry' - which is actually 'Hard' (er than Asian hair), made worse (dryer) by cold and wet climates. Most don't even know what to do with it, besides cut it off, tie it up painfully tight, cover it completely or straighten it with dangerous heat and chemicals. Black hair and beauty magazines use models with straight hair extensions and wigs, even often making the beautiful 'black' model a bald one. 'Blacks' are influenced by themselves and others into feeling negative about most aspects of 'blackness'.

Also, 'blacks' are unhappy to think that they have the same hair styles as the opposite sex. Which is the reality of unstyled natural growth of 'black' hair. A problem obviously solved by 'women' having their hair in various styles. Most 'blacks' perceive 'black' hairstyles as ugly, 'too black' or ridiculous = translation: too different from other races, so 'common' European styles are generally seen as superior by the women. The men have little to no power over the 'black' women and 'black' communities in societies so, the hair-hatred is reluctantly condoned.

Society (all) enforces these feelings of negativity by reacting differently to 'black' people with naturally grown-out or afrocentric hair due to these sorts of styles not being seen very often. This creates differences in the treatments of 'black' people - due to their hair - and cultural normalises/abnormalities to be manoeuvred around. 
JANE:"Such great hair" ... TUNDE:"Well, I can't say it's bad".. JANE:"Yours is, are you gonna get a haircut?"
Primarily in the west, while most 'black' women spend hundreds of monetary units on their hair every quarter, the majority of the men have around two haircuts a month. Because they believe that their natural 'scruffy' hair is bad. "Telling all our secrets" - When a 'black' man's hair is short and he has more than 10 or so percent of 'white' in him, his hair appears straight. An added incentive to keep it short.

Sheer lunacy...Made irrelevant and brought to you by all of the other crap we, deterred by difficulty, deny our ability to change.
Look at the epic-ness of this post. We can do whatever. Not whatever, like 'whatever, man'. But, whatever!!!!!.
Natural hair + No make-up / Euro hair + full make-up / Natural hair + full make-up (2/9/less in society)

Their Noses

Having a large nose affects how the rest of ones face looks: it makes the other parts look smaller, which is really not good against 'the Template'. A large nose, large lips and high eyebrows make the eyes look smaller. For women, small eyes are the worst curse. Having such features, along with the unavoidable recognition of such standards of beauty, results in self-hatred, alienation or underestimation of self.
Normal faces but they aren't. Left's normal face looks sleepy while Right's looks troublesome. There are effects to these 'normal' faces that these two people experience, some positive but most negative.
A bigger nose increases the surface area of front-facing skin (which has an effect, however incomprehensibly complex) and is the opposite to our common artistic representations of beautiful, pleasant and cute faces. (ignore the bold)

Fortunately, most 'blacks' don't relate their bigger noses to monkeys, unlike some other races, because that makes no sense at all - considering the small noses on most monkeys. Yet, 'blacks' realise that other races see them as that - a big-nosed inferior. A beautiful 'black' girl will never feel like the most beautiful person on the planet because it's fantastical considering racism. With their wider noses, many 'blacks' feel like they can never be the best choice for looks.

To 'blacks' and others, the fact that the African-blooded / 'Negroids' have bigger noses on average while the 'whites' had the thinnest presents an opposing ends of scale notion of high value to individuals that, when paired with the simplicity-based ideals of beauty manifested through the years via art, adds to the negative feelings that 'blacks' have about their big 'black' noses. "Why have we got the biggest noses?", "Is it more evolved to have a smaller nose?". These unanswered questions are typically met with experience-led pessimism.

It is widely accepted that a nose can be too big - but not really too small, the realisation that 'black' people have wider noses on average than the 'whites' along with the average nose-size of 'beautiful' faces tempts most 'blacks' to feel that a nose is not a good one unless it is quite smallOne of many issues not exclusive to 'black' people. Most of the 'black' celebrities who are regarded as 'universally beautiful' have relatively small noses. All of the most well known 'black' beauties have had surgery on their noses.

Nonsensically, many 'blacks' perceive their noses as their most racially defining feature. And another negative aspect of their 'blackness' to add to the long list. They wish that they could have a consensual preference for bigger noses, due to the big-nosed aspect of the 'black identity'. This added to their inability to change others perceptions nor their own. results in further negative feelings about 'being black' on today's Earth. 
'Blacks' are disturbed by the way western media has shaped the worlds minds into European based ideals of beauty and their actions reflect it. 

See below for more...

Their Skin

More so than the mentions of wood or chocolate, there are all too frequent reminders of brown's presence in excrement. People say things like... "If I was anymore full of shite, my eyes would be brown" and "You're so dirty, have you been rolling in shite?".. which make 'blacks' feel like their actually pretty beautiful skin is dirty, shiitey and bad. When someone comes in and likens brown skin (fake tan) to shite or dirty skin to brown skin.. it can only affect someone with brown skin negatively.

Imagine feeling sure that some of the people that you interact with, in real life, think you literally look like a piece of shit. It's pretty bad. Imagine feeling that way about yourself. Imagine seeing yourself or your people type whenever you see a picture of doodoo with facial features. Of course, this is something that individuals have to wrestle themselves to get over but, in all cases, it is an acceptance of a reality where.. you look like shit to some people who deserve to die painfully.
I understand a few things about you

In technology, their skin tone is often the cause of errors and lack of recognition. "System Cannot Recognise Human". I'm not going to explain that for you, your machine / brain is here. 

While 'whites' skin bruises more noticeably than that of 'blacks', 'blacks' skin scars more noticeably. Spots leave noticeable marks for longer and flaking is contrasted more.
With the 'black' definition practically including everyone that is not more than 90% 'white', grooming standards and practices for beige people are applied to dark people despite any differences in skin tone. African-looking 'blacks' have the same stylings as light skinned 'blacks' (and vice versa), leading to unfair competition and ill-fitting applications. This creates further damage, disadvantage, sadness and pressure.

A break is coming soon, don't run away in fear.

It is widely proclaimed that dark-skin tones are regarded as inferior in practically every memorable culture around the world today and throughout history. This makes 'black' people, especially the darkest, feel the opposite of loved, appreciated, wanted and beautiful. Further information leading to the apprehending belief of ones many disadvantages.
The majority of 'Black' men, due to their skin and facial hair textures, must take extra care when shaving to prevent 'shaving rash' / 'black neck'. This fuels further self-hatred in 'black' communities. 'Blacks' think "We must really be primitive, if we can't even shave".

'Black' skin (high melanin) appears to scar differently to light skin, leaving darker markings. A 'black' face that has previously been ridden with spots is likely to look more damaged than a similarly spot-scarred 'white' face - fuelling further sadness in 'blackness'. 

When living in the comparatively colder climates of the western world, their skin (especially that which is visible) must be moisturised frequently to prevent an unsightly flakey peeling and dryness. This compounds their dissatisfaction about how they look in comparison to other races. 

Of course, there are positives (detailed elsewhere). This moisturising cream is typically near-white in appearance, so the application of it subconsciously (and sometimes consciously) presents a racial element to be considered in its use: with the rubbing in of white cream needed on a 'black' face to stop it from looking 'bad'... Good enough for show. Most 'blacks' male and female would not leave home without moisturising their faces, surprisingly more so than with 'any-race' ladies and make-up.

For women in general, beauty is of high importance. With all the perceived inadequacies found about oneself under 'blackness' - thinking averages - 'black' women are likely to suffer the most self-esteem issues of all 'races'. Going in deeper, to apply further definition, would only administer more poison. I hope the picture (photo) is clear enough. It sure is big.

Again, everything here is real and true.                     "No, it's not"

"Is it? Could it be"

"No, noooooooooooooooo!!"

Don't feel bad, this is not a person

Their Gums

Imagine having a great, neat and tidy set of white teeth but never being capable of having a universally 'beautiful' smile because your gums, around those great teeth, are dark. More than half of 'black' adults do not have bright-pink gums.

With enthusiastic widespread ignorance, the majority of all people believe that dark gums are, in some way, unhealthy. Most black people believe that their gums are dark because there is something wrong with them. As do nearly all others. That is how it seems to 'blacks' and the notion has damage. 

Just because, for various reasons, SOME blacks have lips this colour, and most 'whites' do too, most people believe that all blacks should have this particular colouring to be assessed as healthy.
This issue primarily results in self-hatred and damaging perceptions. If knowledge acknowledgements and fair representation was no longer obstructed by societies, this difference would still be a problem in 'black' minds. This is due to the amount of genetic and dieting variation in the 'black' categorisation / box and the existence of light, dark and lightened gums.

'Blacks' look upon the confident, unrestrained and low-browed smiles of their 'white' counterparts, unable (unwilling for benefit) to act the same way. More cause for sadness. Due to the dark gums, lips and their perceptions of their faces, a screwed-up photo-face is more comfortable than a traditional posed smile. 

Most black people who have or have had dark gums can remember a time at which they felt sadness about when someone decided to bring their dark gums up in conversation. Despite the regularity, many people have never even seen dark gums in 'black' mouths on the screen and print, only being shown pink ones in 'black' mouths by the media. Some are naturally pink but more are bleached. Even in decaying, cracked and toothless mouths, the gums are red or pink. Alcoholism is known to result in the lightening of gums.

A reliable litmus for discovering whether or not your gums are healthy is:

"Do they ever bleed?
Have you got any painful parts?
Anywhere numb?
Have you got any loose teeth?
No, No, and No.. you're safe"
Is darkness a factor in that? 

A bleached face
'Black' people who are disturbed by having dark gums (too many) do not regularly smile 'properly' in the light, you can identify one of these people by them intentionally not revealing their gums, keeping their mouth closed or putting a hand over their mouth when they laugh and smile. Hiding their smiles. Even when they have icy white teeth.

It is professionally recognised, ask an experienced dentist, that really dark gums are ALWAYS due to pigmentation and not disease. Dark patches are not due to pigmentation.

This facet of blackness is so 'not simple' that it's easy to understand the eager ignorance. You can see how exhaustively it has to be clarified (defended).

Too many people, even many 'blacks', actually think 'possible crackhead' when they see a 'black' person with natural unbounded hair and dark gums. This knowledge can fill a 'black' person with hang-ups and apprehension about being free within their natural aesthetics.
' Critics said about After Jaden: "not quite a story for fathers" '
Smoking is perceived as a cause for dark gums too. Completely moronically. Why? Because non-smoking KIDS and Adults have dark gums too. It happens as the 'black' individual gets into adolescence. The catalyst for the darkness of gums (oooh, darkness) is factually, the combination of pigmentation, chemicals and sunlight - not disease. Even after gum bleaching, which is under-discussed and mildly dangerous, the dark gums get darker. Many 'blacks' use daily salt / saline washes and baking soda in attempts to make their gums paler.

I'll bet my actual hand that you won't find a 'white' person with naturally dark gums, no patches, and if you do.. Purple doesn't count, is it spotty? and.. " please prove the mouth is not a 'black' albino's".. A 'black' person with 'white' skin. 

(There, beat eam) ASK YOUR DENTIST, or just spread the truth because few will actually ask their dentists. Remember, monkey see, monkey do... When in Rome...  Ignorance is bliss..... Product of my environment...

Living with dark gums, makes 'black' people live detracted lives that are damaged by self-hatred, apprehensive low-confidence and other people's negative judgements of them.
"If I bleach my gums, my life will really be better.."

Their Eyes (Faces)

 As albinos are considered to be 'freaks' and one drop of 'black' is noticeable in a 'non-black' - making them somehow classifiable as 'black' - 'blacks' believe that their 'black' genes negatively alter 'white' or 'Asian' purity, just like hateful racists. The idea of racial purity is one that is perceived by all 'blacks' to be a response to them and their 'blackness'. Eyebrows are of surprisingly high impact, in the context of people judging eachother.

'Whites' consistently place their lowest-browed members into the most respected positions of media representation. Today's international consensus is that a man is made more attractive if his eyebrows are lower than average and a woman's are arching raised and thinner. So, sadly, many men of all races have started to shape their eyebrows, arching them downwards in the middle and upwards on the sides to mimic what they see and admire. Just like 'bitches'... 

Men who alter their eyebrows are not comfortable with their natural eyebrows, the more altered means the less comfortable with the original form. The eurocentric facial beauty ideals that are religiously paraded, rewarded and applauded are not inclusive of most 'blacks', which leads to sadness, self-hatred and insensitive alterations - in more areas than just their faces. The 'blacks' that are furthest away from natural 'blackness' are perceived and paraded as the most beautiful. 

Hot black guys - Google Images
Being 'black' makes standing up proud, with one's head held up high, feel like an act of arrogance. Damaged by slavery as the primary foundation of their racial identity, 'blacks' realise that they alter themselves the most out of all people, which makes them even sadder - and without the freedom of unity, to be applied to regular contexts such as health 'movements' or self-born representation of image, this cultural depression leads to a vicious cycle circle.

'Blacks' acknowledge that the facial expression most used for 'an attractive white man' in 'white' media is that of a man who is looking at the audience in disgust, discomfort or hatred - the frowning smile. 'Black' males realise that they cannot walk around like that and expect to get pleased responses, leaving them even more unsure of their attractiveness whilst in action. The face of determination that they practice in the mirror - the one that is in line with the attractive faces that they see in media - is received by others negatively. More unhelpful bad feelings abound.
How the things that are allowed to be changed change
Blacks' can have 'Caucasoid' faces, around 20% of them do, which provide 'blacks' with another 'opposing ends of scale' aspect to their identity in 'blackness'. As with Asians, around a quarter of 'blacks' look undeniably 'good' (using eurocentric standards) while the majority may look good to some people but are not in accordance with popular ideals. In the west, the majority of 'blacks' are not what is called regularly attractive and thus are unexpected to be seen as such (attractive) by themselves, friends and family. This fuels more 'self-hatred' of self and racial grouping.

They also, like most people in the modern world, believe that coloured eyes, that which they don't typically have, are the best kind of eyes to have. Also, that the lower the eyebrows the more intelligent and beautiful a 'black' man will be judged as.

On average, 'black' guys have higher eyebrows than 'whites', similar to the south-east Asians. As is with averages, there are many 'non-white' people with low 'Caucasoid' eyebrows and facial bone structures, just in relatively lower numbers. 

This higher brow-nessesses:), as opposite to the media preference for low-brows, can lead to a typical 'black' (or 'non-white') man with relatively high eyebrows being self-concious about them, altering them either through plucking or the wearing of an unwelcoming angry-looking frown. Which makes his life and everyone's treatment of them harder.
"This is a 'white' world, but it wouldn't mean nothing without some others feeling bad..."
'Black' men and women who are frowning may not be angry or sad, they are actually more likely to be trying to show others a face that they are more comfortable with than their own relaxed one. They believe that their normal relaxed face is inferior to the face that they forceEven if the forced face is seen as an expression of sadness or angerit is done as a 'better' one. IRon: Seen is a face not of discomfort, but made to get away from discomfort.

When a 'black' person has light-coloured eyes, he or she is made more attractive... The light coloured eyes are never a bad thing, they are perceived by all as "better" than dark eyes. 

'Blacks' and others converse with eachother about it, typically through inference. Aside from being left detracted from by exclusion from the valued 'beautiful blue eye' context, with their higher brows, many 'blacks' are often perceived to be sleepy or less alert - which causes even more underestimation, discomfort and disadvantage. 

Blue eyes are widely considered superior for reasons that are incapable of an agreeable definition. With their dark and smaller appearing eyes and the common consensus of the eyes being of high value in a person, 'blacks' feel less visually 'human' and beautiful. Their aesthetics, due to interconnecting messaging from media, family and society, makes 'blacks' feel as though they are not the highest evolved strand of the human race. Ironically and sadly, in line with the old European evaluation and faux-scientific inferences.
Top Result, I can't see any white faces. There are a few billion people alive now who look like some of these images. They feel great and wonderfully have undying faith. Sarcasm...
'Scientists' (call em technicians) feverishly recreate primitive sapiens from fossilised skulls to be finished with faces of 'black' and 'Asian' people but seldom give the recreations small noses regardless of narrower nasal apertures or pale skin when samples are found in colder regions

Despite new and emerging 'first-man' evidence, the distasteful template for the human-predecessor homo-erectus that is displayed to every single child is unfairly (and illegitimately) always an African in appearance. Being unable - due to society and history - to consistently (incessantly) challenge commonly adopted beliefs, in accordance with others, 'blacks' typically take these self-image destroying teachings as facts with deep meanings for their existence and capabilities. Knocking them all further down the stream.
Take as long as you want

Their Bodies

On average, 'black' males and females have larger buttocks than their pale counterparts. Due to their surrounding imagery and informationmore upright postures are seen as more advanced - and having large buttocks presents a more hunched profile. They believe that a larger bottom = more primitive.

One consolation, widely communicated between 'blacks', is that they don't tend to have hairy backs. Having backs that are free of hair is typically seen as more genetically advanced. Due to evolutionary concepts. However, as you must know, offsetting negative feelings about other aspects of 'blackness' are generally abundant. 
Be brave and powerful.. 
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As the more you learn becomes less to like, comprehensive 'blacks' consider the period of purposed-breeding in their history and its ramifications; The genetic manipulation executed over 30+ generations of 'blacks', involving selection of physically optimal sperm+egg donors for slave reproduction, that have deliberately and unintentionally resulted in detrimental deficiencies and beneficial gains. 'Blacks' know this... and some of them are walking reminders of genetic purpose breeding. The impact and depth of this particular affliction is almost impossible to verbalise. 

Many 'blacks' believe, with reasoning, that the state of their race (in all ways - phys, soc, ment etc.) has been directly shaped by other races - primarily 'whites'. Their most athletic individuals are seen by them as results and emblems of racial slavery, which is not a positive thought to say the least. This notion, and all the others, provide offsetting feelings to any positive ones that are felt about a 'blacks' physicality. They are saddened by thoughts of their being being suboptimal, damaged and hate-engineered.

The aforementioned dry-skin aspect adds another reason to be unhappy about one's body. Unlike how it is generally perceived as an illness in individuals of other races, dry flaking skin affects nearly every 'black' person in non-equatorial locations as a normality. This is due to the climates in which they dwell. Toddlers are taught to moisturiseUntil around 2008, less than a quarter of all 'white' people moisturised every day. Why lie? Now... They used to 'moisturise' with baby powder. 

'Black' people believe that their bodies are the most different of all races. One possibly unique aspect of the black experience, another that seems unable to be agreeable, is that of disruptive recurring moments of dread, a periodic shock that feels like one huge hairy cockroach-butterflies and churns the stomach. Initialized by race-related comprehensions, the inner pain tears before inuring with various degrees of dysfunction. I can imagine that another people type or two would be able to relate to this.
A consolation, one that provides other races with valuable experience of 'race envy', is the popularisation of curvaceous posteriors. Yet, for many 'blacks', due to saturation of negativity, this benefit is filtered through a negative lens.

DINGDING!! Breaktime:


Their Feet

About as neat as can be for a mature 'black' woman, oh, it's just fake tan
Compared with the white feet that they see often in reality and everywhere in the media distributions, paid or free and unavoidable, their feet are different; their feet show wear more clearly - regardless of lightness. In addition, because people want what they see, western 'black' males and females are accustomed to seeing clean and sexualised 'white' feet much more than the other types. This common acclimatisation leaves 'blacks' seeing 'white' feet as the least ugly / least unbearable -and their 'very' different ones at the other end of the scale. 

On 'black' feet, corns and callouses are more visible and colour toning appears less uniform than pale skinned feet. They are disturbed by 'black' feet showing hard skin more clearly, toenails looking different, the shapes of 'black' feet appearing more angular, the soles of black feet being lighter than the rest of the foot and the skin connecting to the toenails being slightly darker than the rest of the footThese differences are received as negativeMore perceived inferiority. Combated at cost with potions (moisturiser and coconut oil).

The lighter the skin colour, the less wear shows. In addition to being seen more, because of how our minds tend to work, 'white' feet look simpler from a distance and therefore more pleasant. More perceived inferiority.
If it was 'black' skinned... would it be Better or Worse?.. "pass"
Feet are generally unpleasant as the body part most battered and suffocated, most people, especially men, do not think their feet are beautiful. Having these 'black' differences that add unhelpful complexity to the aesthetics of one's already loathed feet is generally received with feelings of the alien and aesthetically inferior. 

The lighter soles of 'black' feet present a source for jokes and confusion. In addition to any negative 'black' aspects, high-heeled shoes are expected to change the foot shape leading to a perceived 'bad foot shape' . It can be argued that, genetically, 'black' feet of current generations are less suited to handling the demands of high-heels than some other races. This leaves women, who are compelled through the pursuit for happiness to try to love what they are in their society, yet another thing to hate about themselves.

Give us a smile!..

Numbed to the shocks, you read on to...

Their Heritage

'Blacks' are opposed to the high-value favouring of their colloquial or cultural dialects and accents, with the enforced perception that they are improper and low-classed. To assimilate they attempt to use 'proper'/ traditional speech, while enforcing 'talking black' in their own communities. This challenging idiosyncrasy, another that seems unsolvable, provides further (internal + external) conflict, friction, sadness and confusion

If a 'black' thinks it is best to be less intellectual and/or speak in a lower-class way with their own race, but it is not okay to be the same with other races, negativity is in the equation - you can say where yourself, but its in more than one place. It could be argued that this happens with all integrated races but, in 'blacks', this practice corresponds with the devaluation of ones own racial grouping and 'racial identity'.

'Blacks' have two minds, one for functioning successfully in 'white'-led society and the other that thinks on the terms of their 'blackness' and 'black' community... three, in many cases, with one that lies to itself. With this, inner and outer conflict is unavoidable. Rejection of the other is a concept regarding organic being's instinctive responses to confrontations with other different types of beings that applies to most beings by default. 'Blacks' have to deal with rejection of the other with 'the other' being themselves, in tandem with the typical kinds.

By all, consistently considered are dark skin's worldwide attributions to 'popular-historical' inferiority, with the story arcs continuing in the same tone of difficulty and 'struggle' today. As with everything in this article, these concepts have unavoidable effects on 'blacks' that are typically negative. 

They believe that the world's technology and, therefore, humanities evolutionary intellect has not been influenced by their 'race' - yet, they then prove their 'race's' capability to do any mental feat. They do not expect other races, often from experience, to conceive past the first assumption / teaching of genetic inferiority. Deeply disturbing their 'black' mentalities. They understand that they have largely been denied from the development of the previous and current inevitable states of industrial and, therefore, scientific revolution by the 'race' they are living beside. More negativity.
The Great Wall was great protection - Scroll off the plane . Bloop
'Blacks' have a heritage that is rooted in inferiority, suffering and damnation. The fact that they and others are not told about their histories by their institutional teachers - and that the hidden true stories are contradictory to the widely-spread racist historical accounts of their race's abilities - makes them feel as though the obscured details are dangerous, unverifiable, unreliable, disagreeable and therefore have cause for avoidance. 

With the detractor feelings about their 'black' history, many feel like conflicted traitors, effectively acting daily as 'white supremacists' with no other practical choice. Sharing a slice of hatred and discontent with flourishing, amicable and appreciative love for 'whites' results in conflict inside of 'black' communities and individuals. There are four times as many Jews in France than there is in the larger Germany, because history holds effects on more than technological developmentAdded friction, drag on the velocity. (artists call me) 

The inability to argue definitively about the topic of 'black history', due to oppression of information through constant wilful ignorance and denial, provides further hopelessness and negative feelings. 'Black' people, through inconsiderate external interactionare highly accustomed to being wrong. The perceiving of oneself as disadvantaged in every practical way is, due to convenience and safety requirements, more than likely to be responded to with apathy instead of resistance. 

In other words, if you think you're 'fukkcd', you'll probably quit or not even try or "leave the hard tasks to that guy!". 'Blacks' realise that this is a problem in their community, but it is a problem with foundations in collective reality and involving external influence so is treated as mostly out of control. Many uneducated 'blacks' believe that, financially or intellectually, 'blacks' are behind and too far back to catch-up in the 'race of races'. 

The generally acknowledged (if only in private) reality of the 'black community's ineffective levels of power over eachother and themselves compounds feelings of hopelessness in 'blacks' in most aspects of living. Also, hopelessness is quite popular nowadays - after austerity and automation (robots taking all the jobs)... 

Thanks mate!!
It seems that the 'black's' most notable history, as deducted from the frequency of mention, is exclusively during and after God's plan for European colonisation and racial depression a.k.a SLAVERY. Regardless of what occurred in the countless years prior, this gives them an effective history of no more than 600 years, full of negativity and largely detrimental influence from a forceably beloved 'white' aggressor. Most people have no idea what 'black' people were before they were slaves - and any intellectually positive claims are readily disbelieved

The 'blacks' low expectations of their 'race', due to history, the 'black' identity and their negative experiences of 'blacks' being the most memorable, causes them to expect and allow the worst from their 'race'.
'Blacks' are generally ashamed and disturbed by the thought and ramifications of bloodlines and cultures dredged through time under the mostly destructive leashes of slavery and racial-hatred. Furthermore, a torment catalysed by their social remedy; the Bible. More disruption and inner turmoil

The abundance of issues in the international 'black' community, resultant of a near-omnipresent 'black identity' wrought with negative elements, can serve to help clarify any and every confusion over perceived instability, insecurity and/or neediness in 'blacks' generalised and single. They have a lot to deal with. It can be fairly sad that 'blackness' is unequivocally a psychological illness of which all 'blacks' must deal with in their lives.

Is this look banned?

This element to their lives is one of immense and omnipotent 'black' radiation, catalysing most if not all of their actions. E.g hip-hop music is a response to being voiceless / unheardthe dynamics of interracial relationships being affected by racial conceptions'black' academics effectively becoming either radicals or white supremacists - with no in-between. 

Sadly, the complaints and remedies for these historical hungers are eagerly denied, not just by other races but 'blacks' too. With exhibitions of the desire for bliss, many do not want to question their race-based idiosyncrasies. It could be statistically 'proven' that most 'blacks' believe that they are closer to monkeys than 'whites', a damaging notion that most are forced into accepting by their teachings and the consensus given from other races. 

If she was 'white', making herself more 'black', it would be problematic, pragmatically because W is good and B is 'unwanted'.
'Blacks' realise to their sadness that, in general, they have a hunger for 'white' acceptance which, although resultant of racial insecurities, furthers their individual race-related problems and damages their communities primarily in terms of mental health. 

In 'black' minds and seemingly all communities, some things are bad if 'blacks' are doing them, a confusing paradigm that fuels hatred of ones identity and 'the rules of the game'. This also extends into a "'blacks' doing things that are bad is normal and okay" mentality that further disturbs. A mature 'black' will hesitate to eat watermelon in public, confidently assert themselves or ask an ignorant question for example. This conflictive way of thinking further damages the 'black' identity because 'good' appears destined to be 'bad' for them and 'bad' is claimed 'good'. 

Racial Purity is not an issue for 'blacks', unlike with Asians and 'whites', that right to be culturally racist has been stolen. 'Blacks' are consciously and/or unknowingly disturbed by the question of: "Which baby is best? The light skinned one or the dark one?".. leading them to further inner-conflict.

At their least ignorant, 'blacks' are led to believe that they were vaguely important millennia ago, on top of the roost at some stage, but behind-the-pack as tag-alongs today - deserving of reparations for their losses. Therefore, believing that 'black' is an old race - a people type older than the currently leading 'Caucasoid' and hence less evolved. In the worst cases, 'blacks' have minimal knowledge of their history, with all of what they know making them feel angered and sad. The acceptance and forced disregard of these negative notions and their history results in further inner turmoil and anger.

A 'white' person is generally considered to be ridiculous when emulating / appropriating 'black culture', whoever does the acts are perceived to have nothing to be proud about. Even if the real reason for outrage is 'whites' mocking something valued, as has nastily been done for centuries, it is still perceived by 'blacks' as something negative about 'blackness'. Conversely, 'black' people believe that "doing white things" is better and something to be proud of.

Their Race

Black people are the worst victims of racism in the world, today and yesteryear. All racial / cultural groups (even blacks and even hippies) see black people with negative aspects at the forefront - thought of more than any of their good aspects. There is no demographic that is subject to more prejudice. Statistics show that blacks are the most disadvantaged in every aspect of life, the causes unable to be universally agreed upon - even within 'black' communities. They wish that, as a collective / race, they could be successful, unified, powerful and unburdened, but see racist activity against 'blacks' from 'black' people, leaving them hopeless for any self-imposed community improvements. Disbelieve, but the reality is hard to ignore when you are living it yourself.

'White' people are deeply sad about not having their dreams come true, reluctantly having to be content with a good equal wage. This is a thing which all people should feel, except, unlike 'blacks', 'whites' have much less (in most cases, nothing) to hold them back and comparatively God-blessed lives. That's a definition for "White Privilege". 'Blacks' and some other 'non-white' identities are pragmatically hindered by more things than most 'whites' and other 'races'. 'Blacks' know this and, in turn, it makes them envious - with the pragmatic understanding that they are disadvantaged - adding to and creating many problems.

'Blackness' is generally perceived as a disadvantage, outside of physical strength. When an individual with that 'affliction' competitively co-exists with and observes those without it - the results are expectedly mostly negative.
Black people are saddened by being what it means to be 'black', something not even all 'blacks' know about - despite negative feelings. If they weren't what it means to be 'black' but still looked the same, all would be joyous. As with some other racial divisions in the modern world, being 'black' makes religion and the concept of a divine masters love and care disturbingly impractical. Fuelling further tension. Turning into another post called : God loves white people the most.

"Aside from god-heads of other races, I look at the crazed 'black' women preaching about their Gods on busy streets in tramps attire, defiant to acknowledge their position in the group that has the least reasoning to believe in a Lord of goodness and love."
Ironically, because Kendrick is a Pro-Black rapper, many hiphop fans hate him.
'Blacks' are so torn between the truth in living and the illusions in reality that most find themselves opposed to things that are 'black'. 'Black Culture' is visibly founded in buffoonery, challenging status-quo, vulgarity, a racial focus, objectification and primitive celebration - which are all things that are disagreeably challenging. Therefore, 'blacks' are led to believe that they can and should rise above the perceived lower levels of 'black culture' and 'black' cultures. Helping nobody and fuelling further discontent. 

Unlike other people, who can identify with and represent their country, ‘blacks’ are just ‘black’ wherever they go. It is normal for people to automatically think that a not-very-dark ‘black’ person is from Jamaica or Barbados and a dark-'black' is from Nigeria or Just Africa - the continent... I know it’s funny, but it isn't. 

That is like: all 'whites' being assumed as Scottish or French or all Indians being from Calcutta or Syria. This is another negative aspect of 'the black identity', capable of being applied to brown-skinned Asians or Arabs (sorry). The feeling of being born in a country where you don't belong because people identify you as from somewhere you was not born and may have never been - and the majority would rather not see you around.

How do these things happen? Is it hatred or just disregard? When an observer is told of a 'black' individuals national heritage, instead of the nationality being what that ‘black’ person represents, he or she is still just a part of the ‘black’ group, primarily if not entirely. A Korean person will understandably be offended if you call them Chinese. Respectfullyafter being told, the average person will recognize the Korean nationality as what the individual represents. Maybe even going further, onto Northern or Southern.
The only acceptable 'black' dream
'Blacks' object or resign themselves to being proud (and therefore happier) parts of the battered 'black' 'race' - whichever response an individual enacts, negativity ensues. This is something that 'blacks' recognise and adds to to the abundance of negativity. 

The 'black and white' storyline in history, with the 'whites' leading in influence, media and industry has shaped world perception. 'Whites' have affected everyone as much as, if not more than, any other 'race', damaging the 'blacks' the most. 'Blacks' to their detriment realise this, in submission, and it affects them deeply - while other 'races' continue to progress free from perceived and factual restraints. This causes them to ask their God "Do you hate us the most?"...  

"Feeling negative about the negative feelings I have about the negative chance for any negative issues I have with real negativity to not receive negative responses"

The consensus that someone who is 80% 'white' + 20% 'black' is unequivocally 'black' devalues the title of 'black'. The (mostly negative) 'black' label is principally unfair. Among the many other negative factors, those forced into life under the 'black' tag and all that means cannot be expected to be fully happy with it when the definition of 'black' is, as such, the opposite of a definition. 'Black' gives no defined description about the tag-holder.

The title of 'black' is one that infers many things, with added historical obscurity, so the bearers relate it to more negative things than positive. 'Black' is a mostly negative word, to everyone who has more than a single definition for it. Most of the occasions on when the term 'black' is heard or seen used, it has a negative meaning - leaving the 'blacks' to feel that negativity numbly deep in their souls. 

To 'blacks', the inherently negative title of 'black' seems fitting, with such an abundance of issues brought by being a 'black' person, and is often used as an excuse to be negative in various contexts. Nearly all 'black' people harbour a side of them that they would call their 'niggger side'; them at their worst, which some employ more often and eagerly than other 'blacks'. 

Western 'black' men and women call themselves boys and girls, respectively, as a pillar of their 'black' culture, allowing others to do the same in jest. This furthers their eagerness to act and think childishly, culturally opposed to identifying with more 'mature' actions and thoughts. 'Blackness', and the typical identifying with it, similar to all racial self-identifications, results in tension, competition and discord in the 'black' community with individuals choosing between conflictive extremes in response to what negativity their 'race' brings to them. 'Blacks' most likely have more race-born negativity than any other. Darningingoo history and oppression.    
I love you Teyana
Due to the elements of their 'cultural identity' and all the negative prejudices they expect from others and their own, most 'blacks' have a 'dark side', with which they use their 'blackness' as an excuse to unleash wildness and irrationality. As if to say: "I hate this system, I'll be the opposite to what you want", "I know you hate me, so let me give you a reason toor "I don't believe I can win so let me choose to lose", to have power over their lives. These risky actions are regularly recognised by them, if not all the time.This is something that, accepted, allowed and often cultivated, cannot benefit any 'black'. In most other 'races', to the detriment of others, a 'worst side' is wholeheartedly denied.

When looking upon the typically unnatural 'black' men and women in positions of beauty in media, so far from nature and heritage, 'blacks' are presented with much to disagree withgenerally removing the incentive for affinity with 'their own'. Despite providing an eager audience, 'Blacks' - by default - wish against their 'black' counterparts intentions and see them as fake, overrated and 'not that great'. Extending the low favour to themselves, but intending to spare their families.
Supposed to be the best woman in the world 2012
I mention again - as I must - that most people of all 'races' believe a 'white' person can be 'the most beautiful (or smart) person ever seen', but not a 'black' person. In all 'civilised' societies, 'Black' people are most relevantly judged against a European-centric standard of beauty, at odds with natural 'black' aesthetics. This heightens negative perceptions of fakery and community discord. Both, seemingly unavoidable..with fakery and community discord almost mandatory.

It makes 'blacks' saddened about themselves, their thoughts and their 'race' to think that their most accepted 'black' beauties (seldom dark) are fake, not that beautiful and hate-themselves. This is added to all of the other stuff that is here and the few things that are not. In general, the people that they love and see as beautiful are expected by them to be seen as disgustingly ugly to the majority of others - the multi-layered self-alienation of their thoughts provides 'two-minds' difficulties.
'Black' women must respond to their consistently devalued (undervalued) worth as relationship partners with a forced appearance of overestimation and confidence in public. With self-esteem issues, this makes them damagingly conflicted with themselves and others, questioning if they are forced into denial while opposing their feelings.

The inability to unify under the 'black identity' paired with the relatively low average incomes of 'black' families helps to result in stagnation, disorganisation and low-class practices in 'black' communities. The majority of what is mentioned here is recognised by 'black' communities and further fuels the normalised self-hatred, dysfunction and notions of inferiority.

Because of purposeful similarities to historical classifications and their aesthetics , most 'blacks' know or discover that they are the Orcs in 'white' fantasy. The same media that they are compelled to enjoy as required quality entertainment and measures of inclusion.

The Representation of Their Race

Representations are widely considered as indicative. Considering the damaged and unstable nature of the 'black race', the representation of the 'black race' has much impact on the 'black race' in reality. 'Blacks' believe that, aside from terrorists, their race is represented as the worst kind of people type.

Victimised, volatile and vulnerable, their portrayals are good at fighting and other physical things like dancing or sports but are not worthy of care or good at intelligently cooperating. Most 'blacks' believe that they are incapable of having superior intellect when in competition with numerous members of other races. Many force themselves to be happy with this, which can explain cases of proud belligerence or irrationality. The 'Angry Black' archetype is one that is eagerly adopted in reality because it allows satisfying self-expression of real feelings and requires little effort. A fundamental part of the 'black' identity is the notion that problems must be complained about to be addressed... which should answer one of the questions that you might have. 
Pleasing all.
They, due to being 'black' and all that brings, believe that a bad system is actually good and doesn't need fixing because its inadequacies are positives that help those involved by forcing them to not believe in needing help at allrelying on themselves as opposed to support from others. A concept that is the death-nail to progression of coexisting objects.The negative representations of their race that are vocally hated by them are also adopted when convenient. Adding more to the confusion and self-hate.

Uniquely, 'blacks' are lumbered with the odd paradigm of their least representative individuals being placed at the forefront of their 'races' parade. Instead of their best, most appreciated and or normal, as seen with other 'races', their worst and most unusual are in the foreground of their 'cultural' image. It can be strongly argued that this reality is a result of eurocentric aesthetic ideals, cultural obscurity (behind sensationalism) and disproportionately high diversity in the 'black' racial grouping

"The savage hordes described by Tolkien have been imported by his dozens of imitators over the years, becoming a mainstay of fantasy in books, movies and video games. It's a convention that Martin both takes up and departs from in depicting the Mongol-inspired Dothraki. As a people en masse, the Dothraki value only their horses, treating life cheaply, and reveling in violence:Across the road, a girl no older than Dany was sobbing in a high thin voice as a rider shoved her over a pile of corpses, facedown, and thrust himself inside her. Other riders dismounted to take their turns. That was the sort of deliverance the Dothraki brought the Lamb Men."

Are people's ideas of 'An African Prince' more, lesser than or equal to their idea of a 'European Prince'? Why is the term 'African Prince' usable as an insult or joking jive? 

Quick Breaktime

Watch this 1 min Poke ad with a set of messages on race...

Western 'blacks' rarely, if ever, see someone that resembles themselves in media and art. Leaving them to identify more with others more (often) than with themselves - and feeling more 'out of place' in their worlds than others. Whenever the few 'blacks' than can see the themselves represented do, the representation is most often negative and / or perceived as inferior. In the human aim for identity, 'black' representations compel many 'blacks' to conflictingly emulate their representatives, even if they are negative. 

To the damage and dismay of 'blacks', their 'black' cultures most often have a large element of animosity and victimisation relied on as topics and themes, allowing the negativity to figuratively marinate and providing all people with reasons for rejection.
While mostly accepted in the wider 'black' community, the usage of marijuana is externally demonised and hyperbolically represented. This conflict of feelings results in individuals being unsure + conflicted about the 'correctness' of their communities. Extending further than just smoking Ganja, it is unlikely for individuals to feel optimally positive about themselves when a pillar of their 'black identity' is criminal activity. 

Hiphop is a pillar of 'blackness', held up to allow 'black culture's' structure to stand tall. Yet, it is forced to be comprised most affectingly of radiative poison. Further negativity...
"The eyes are the windows to the soul"
'Blacks' and others are forced into the suspension of disbelief for fictional acts by 'white' people, whilst being unable to do the same for 'non-whites'. In most cases, their own 'race' being the source makes presentations less believable, respectable or expectedly worthwhile. 

When added to an abundance of 'racial failures', this leads to overestimation of other races and underestimation of the 'Black race'. Furthering their notions of inferiority. Nonsensically  despite individuality 
(through instability being a primary element of the 'black' identity), 'blacks' see the fallibility of other 'blacks' as reflections of their own inadequacies, which they perceive to be inherent. Due to them being 'black' and 'black' being a defined box of limitations.
With 'black identity' being such a large entity in the minds of all 'blacks', it is seen as something of importance and impact - something to get angry about when it appears even worse. Explaining their eager outrage ala #OscarsSoWhite. I mention again that nearly all 'black' people feel negative about having to deal with 'blackness' and all that 'blackness' entails to them, because it is saturated with so many negative aspects.

Aside from 'blacks' who refuse to endure them, 'blacks' appreciate seeing fictional characters that are 'black' and intellectual but work to oppose any real life 'blacks' that parade their intellect. Cynically holding them up to higher scrutiny, by default - as if to ensure correctness due to lesser trust. The 'black' intellectual is religiously suppressed and rejected outside and in the 'black' community. This unhelpfully pushes some of the defiantly intellectual 'blacks' over to the 'white' side or away from 'blacks', leaving the rest without their 'smartest'. Sorta like a 'brain drain' but, instead of to countries, it is to (from) racial communities.

With war bringing forth technological developments and the greatest minds being unpleasant personalities, 'Blacks' have been taught that to be smart is to be horrible, modesty has many rewards and the easier route may be best. This depressingly leaves them without one of the pillars of the 'white identity'; Belief in Cause and Capability a.k.a "If it's easy, it's not worth it".

In other words, 'blacks' are deterred from doing the hardest of things... and when they do, from positions of superiority, they typically reject 'blacks'.
'Blacks' are taught that 'blacks' are supposed to be stupid (intellectually inferior) and, somewhat ironically, are generally more forgiving about acting as such. They expect and allow stupidity. This is because they have been taught through experience that being smart and showing their intellect will either get them into trouble, be a depressing waste of effort or influence people into hating them more and rejecting the 'blacks' efforts. Outside of employment and parenthood, 'Blacks' are always cautious about enforcing shows of superior levels of intellect. I repeat: 'Black Culture' is visibly founded in buffoonery, challenging status-quo, vulgarity, a racial focus, objectification and primitive celebration.

In public, 'black' women visibly wish to employ the beautification standards of 'showbiz' more than other races because the aesthetics of their lesser seen natural selves are perceived to be inadequate. They paint their faces to have more defined eyebrow bones and nose arches because, as well as for variety, they think their real noses, when wide, are worse and their eyebrow bone structures are a 'bad' shape. 
For Bond// Spectre promotion. How could her jaw-line be let on to printing presses like this? Deliberate? Maybe.. 
Even in animation, that has undoubtedly influenced tens of billions of people, 'black' people are the only race that is depicted with a different pencil styleSimilar to grotesque monsters, their faces have more lines; the noses are not simple Nike ticks like everyone else's are and their snapping lips resemble rubber rings. An alien difference against all others: Japanese, Chinese, European, Indian... All drawn in the same simplified way. The typically taunting and ridiculous visual representations do no good for the related viewers psyches and self-esteem. 
Regarding illustrations, when dark skin is seen on characters faces that are no different in line-definition to non-'black' characters faces, the 'black' viewer perceives that the 'black' character looks 'white' and has been in effect beautified by having a 'white' face. More negativity.

In productions without 'black' people, the person regarded as closest to black is the person who conceptually looks least beautiful or 'beasty', because of large rounded features. This practice is regardless of the fact that some 'blacks' have Caucasoid bone structures and that most monkey types have relatively small facial features. Detailing our relationships with our perceptions of monkeys faces is a mammoth-long task. It is hard to comprehend, contemplate or verbalise things like this (and many others in this article) but all 'blacks' are subject to these realities.

Yes, funny

'Black' people's typically dark eyes are judged as not good (interesting) enough for entertainment or a beautiful character. So, the oh-so superior blues, greens, light browns and greys are almost always placed over a 'black' person's dark eyes when they are in a position of beauty. Fuelling more self-hatred in the majority who have dark brown eyes.
This creates a normalcy illusion, where attributes typically seen in reality are seldom or never seen in the media. Leaving the in-reality people feeling inferior or alien to what they are shown of their kind. Ironically, many 'blacks' often feel sad or conflicted about not being the thing that they hate - if not in terms of not being 'white', then in the context of not being the 'black' that they see represented. Of course, its illogical. Its a problem.

With the 'black' tag being so widely inclusive, media representation is due to leave most of the 'black' group excluded. Unlike other races, most 'black' people have never seen a 'black' person/character who is really like them represented in the media. If they have, it was a negative representation. A criminal, simpleton or angry person. The 'black' individual at their worst. In the requirement to like things and enjoy media, it is almost a given for a 'black' to have identified with a 'white' character, while not necessarily ever identifying with a 'black' character. That is expectably problematic.

He's successful and being himself, loving who he is. An inspiration, but being like him would leave you at further disadvantage..
As would be expected considering humanity's wide diversity, in addition to the limitations of media and its methods of appropriation for accessibility, 'blacks' are represented differently to how they actually are. However, with the relatively fewer instances of representation and the fragility of 'black identity'what they see about them matters more to them than other representations do to other groups.

Thanks 'geniuses'

'Blacks' believe that the negative one-dimensional representations of their race are indicative of the root communities pre-judgements of them, which will be / are / were effective in reality. Nearly all 'blacks' are disturbed to some degree by the negative representations that practically make up the majority of all external and internal 'black' representation. 

When 'blacks' represent themselves to others, with pro-'black' actions, they are at odds with 'mainstream' culture and thus are given resistance by others and the 'black' community. This leads 'blacks' forced into expressing themselves, in convenience, through an outer-defined culture that suppresses and insults their own inherent attributes which are at odds with itMore conflict.
Complexity is reality - simplicity is ignorance.
"But ignorance is better"

Biracial people talking about race seem to always be presented as sorrowful about the experiences that they have had due to the portion of their make-up that is 'black'. 'Blackness' is most often referred to as an element providing negativity in some way - having 'blackness' as a part of oneself is more than likely to be perceived as an affliction of negativity. Though 'black' and 'blackness' are not the same thing, 'blackness' results from being 'black', they are inseparable in international society. This makes 'black' people sad and compounds hopelessness.

Being 'black' means that poor standards, are perceived as less worthy of remedies, more so in-community than externally. More opposition to progression. Due to 'black people' being influenced into unique confusion through history, media and society, they have low faith in other 'black' people (let alone people in general) and, therefore, 'Black' issues within the community are hopelessly unsolved, while external issues are readily tackled. Common History, other races and the media tell 'blacks' how lowly and unimportant they are and 'blacks' allow themselves to believe them through apathy and in sadness.

The conclusions that you found through reading this article (congrats for being brave enough) are the same notions that 'black' / 'negroid' people must fight against within themselvesNever mind in their societies as groupsIt should at least be that, now, you see the difference between the invaluably enforced 'black-pride' and the reality-given 'white-pride'.

Who knew? 'Black' people are messed up.... They've been trying to tell you... 

I beg for someone else to expand on some of what is here.

2 minds syndrome

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