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The One Problem With Eastern Europeans


From 2012 but still applies
I genuinely love any and every person who is welcoming of knowledge, pleasant and honourable, be him/her pink, brown, orange or yellow, dark or light. I am a fair and pragmatic person, who loathes racism, but I and many others are being inclined to have a problem with the "European invasion" that is happening right now, particularly in England.

As I walk down a London high-street, I am surrounded by people of all colours: black, brown, yellow, pink, orange and white (the black and white ones are by far the least numerous). Many languages are audible too, despite my life-induced paranoia whenever someone says anything near me in another language, I love multiracial environments, it feels like how things should be (if you want a "country exclusively for each race" 1. You're a racist imbecile and 2. Does economic equality and balance with the other nations come into your ideal?) .. Everyone together in harmony.

Millions of European immigrants are draining the UK's welfare system and a large (enough) portion are receiving the money whilst not even being in the country (an issue with the system). Back in '07 statistics showed that 52% of newly opened jobs went to migrants, its only getting worse for the natives, the British government tried to lie about the figures but then conceded to honesty, claiming that "a mistake was made".

After the past 5 or so years of immigration we now have over 4 million eastern Europeans in England, with more on their way, coming in surges and primarily on its capital, London. Unemployment of the UK-born is at around 5 million.

I have a few Polish friends and, knowing that they aren't completely stupid, I expect them to not have a problem with this article here. To be real, I expect any immigrant, if intelligent, to understand that they are part of a group that is, in its existence at this time of recession, joblessness and cutbacks, a national hindrance that is somewhat reasonably due for disdain.

The difference between the 'black' people coming over in the 40's and 50's and this new flood of 'white' people coming over today is simple;

The 'blacks' were invited, their forces were desired to aid the rebuilding of England after WW2: they were welcomed (albeit with racism, inequality and an incomplete plan) and the bottom line is: there was plenty of space for them.

The eastern-Europeans are rushing through an open door without invite (the door had its lock removed by the EU), detrimental to the rooms inhabitants who are already squashed in like fish in a tin with the other fish who couldn't fit lying in a bin (yes, I do rap, but that was unintentional): There is no space here for them, right now.

With no room in the UK job market to employ all who were born in the UK (qualified, willing and able), how is it fair or reasonable to allow such conditions to be made worse by allowing foreigners to take 1 in every 2 jobs. Even if some of the roles could be called undesirable, the security of a countries natives should be of top priority to its governors. We need to leave the EU.

If lack of education in the native population is a valid excuse, why are the majority of these EE's working in *unskilled* roles or ones that you can do a 4 week course to become certified for? Why aren't people warned that the vocation they want to study for is in an industry that is oversaturated with workers?

In a logical way, these invading Europeans are the reason why so many of our youths are unemployed and a large part of why we now have what is known by the government and media as the "lost generation". A pushed aside, disadvantaged generation.

A lot of people, employers and employees, are weirdly fuelling the unjust consensus that these lovable people work harder, faster and better. I trust that this will be dispelled in due course. If you are new to a country, you should want to try your best and do yourself and your country proud, especially when you are given a house and a £300 a week position a few days after your arrival instead of a native who is left to volunteer and sign on whilst waiting months or, in some cases, years for council housing.

The construction firms are absolutely full of eastern Europeans, in too many cases the immigrants outnumber the natives. Its fashionable now to have a 'polish bird' behind every bar. I see fresh, new eastern European faces working in unskilled places all the time. The English youth need those English jobs, they do actually want to work, despite abundant propaganda to the contrary.

Such fast integration, I'm surprised I haven't heard of any conspiracy theories.
Another undeniable fact is that these people bring racism with them, albeit at varying levels. They come from countries that are 95% 'white' where 'white superiority' is an unchallenged and imposed notion, where racism is accepted and humorous. That isn't the main problem.

"The government has to now realise that the fact that so many of our jobs are going to foreign nationals is problem.......If employers wont pay the minimum wage whatever the circumstances or wont employ staff just because they are British, not only should they be ashamed but they should also be prosecuted"

 Daily Express 17/10/2011
Geoffrey Brooking.

Put simply: we have no space for our own, let alone others. Our governments are spineless and do not understand the concept of true 'democracy', the eastern Europeans are an unwelcome hindrance at a time like this, a whole lot of people are moaning about them. I foresee increasing numbers of injustices because this world will never change for the better as long as we stay divided and wilfully illogical, ignoring our ability to create a near perfect world (here we go....;).).

Ill say this again sometime, "Ignorance, selfishness and indifference are some of the most vital parts of western 'pop-culture', what should we do about that?"
Nuffin.......Am I lyin'?

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