Friday, January 31, 2014

Please Pornstars! Have Some Standards


Please porn star lets have some standards,
Do you really need to do facial abuse, Latina abuse or ghetto gaggers? Or any type of pornography that requires you to degrade yourself to soul destroying levels.

Do you really need to do so much anal activity that your ringpeice becomes a gaping whackamole.

Do you really need to get into the porn industry?

Just look at some of this Shiite.... A porn star is expected to deepthroat rapidly, take large and painful insertions both front and rear, lick a mans anus and enjoy asphyxiation – to name a few acts of depravity.

Understandably, many people are vocally outraged by the legality and commercial popularity of such activities, especially in a business environment. It's only fair, people should not be doing these things to eachother.. even at war.

Ghetto Gaggers has a special extra layer of nastiness that I cant mention right now.
You can see from my idea of a fair justice system; where there is a victim, a crime has occurred.

These women are, for whatever reason, choosing to be abused; partaking in acts that nobody sane would do in their personal life. Kinda like stuntmen...

You are always able to say no to specific things and cause the director to cut halfway through a scene but where would that behaviour get someone?
Some of these disgraced whores are millionaire businesswomen.

They have little choice at the beginning, two at the end: If she is of a certain popular aesthetic, she can either go into decent stuff with the option of nasty stuff or, if she isn't 'hot', she can only go into the nasty stuff.

Often, a man will like a woman who isn't typically considered as 'hot'. She is a human being too and doesn’t deserve to be treated with less respect than 'barbie'. I forgot, it's up to her....

Of course, I have the choice to not watch what I don't like, "what I don't see doesn't affect me" - actually, it does and should.. because I, unlike too many others, have no control over my empathy.

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