Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Better Justice System

I know, I know that I should be hopeless about huge reforms of any law system. Too convoluted to edit, it seems that the law-books can only be expanded.

But if overhauling a system of law was possible.. I know one principle to adhere to that could possibly ensure its fairness.

“Intentional actions that result solely in physical damage to victims will always result in a time of imprisonment
Intentional unlawful actions that result solely in the victims’ loss of money will always result in money based penalties
Intentional unlawful actions that only affect the perpetrator or a community will result in rehabilitation, a fine or community service”

In practice:

Repeat offenders of petty offences will, after 4 occasions, serve a suitable term of imprisonment of no longer than 5 years.
No murderer would be free to roam for a considerable portion of their life.

  • A murderer (not guilty of manslaughter) will receive life in prison.
  • A person found guilty of manslaughter will serve no more than 2 decades in prison.
  • A person found guilty of assault will serve time, the length determined by the degree of severity. The lowest degree of assault will result in an incremental cautioning and conditional discharge.

  • A thief who steals items, money, IP etc. will receive a fine of twice the price or value of what was stolen.
  • A person found guilty of fraud will receive a fine of twice the illegitimate amount.
  • A person found guilty of vandalism or other damage to property will receive a fine and/or forced, by threat of prison time, to partake in reparations. 

  • Criminals who are unable or refuse to pay a fine of below the cost of 5 thousand loafs of bread will serve time undertaking community service or unpaid work.
  • Criminals who are unable or refuse to pay reparations of over 5 thousand loafs of bread will serve time: 1 year for every 5 thousand with a maximum term of 40 years.

Someone found in possession of an illegal substance will receive a sentence of community service or an invitation into a rehabilitation facility and have their contraband confiscated.
All provable selling of illegal substances will result in confiscation and a fine relative to the amount of merchandise obtained and/or confirmed.

"All punishments should be according to and determined by the element of loss. An individual’s actions can only be considered crimes if they result in loss. “No loss - No crime” should rightfully be the motto - and if there is a crime (with loss as a prerequisite) a fair and civil punishment will follow."

“Neverr!.. Dream on mate!”

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