Monday, July 15, 2013

Positive Stereotypes (And Negative)

We all know that 'we should be against stereotypes' but many stereotypes are actually fine and dandy with the 'victims', --appreciated-- when positive.

Stereotypes: (noun) Socially common misconceptions and false generalisations that are typically degrading and damaging.
The proper definitions of the word consistently fail to state the fact that all stereotypes are inaccurate, untruthful and misleading.

Imagine how, in or outside of conjunction with other negative influences, a negative stereotype holds someone back; they don't try as hard at school because they are supposed to be stupid and inferior or they consciously act a certain way (fulfil a specific stereotype) to prevent others from ridiculing or outcasting them for being 'unusual' or weird. Believing in being what is said you're supposed to be can make a racist from a racist place become more comfortable with being racist and a crack baby brought up in a crack house around crackheads believe that the crack is all they're destined for.

##negative stereotype## With anguish and angered, Muslims are violently against the Christian world, upholding hatred and the threat of terrorism.

With gleeful embrace, south-east Asians are proud of the stereotype of them being smart, which is understandable considering it will propel many *afforded with the opportunities* to success. Even if a child is born into a working class or *below household, he or she will soon find out what is expected of their 'kind' and following suit will ensue: the child will find its prosperous way.

Negative stereotypes often have a positive flipside; a 'white' person is burdened with the stereotype of the inability to dance well, allowing them to dance improperly (off beat and with no thought or effort) without embarrassment or apprehension (the opposite to 'blacks'). If one can actually dance decently, which is a fairly simple task, they will be impressive with ease and if they move with brilliance, the great dance skills that are attainable to all, they're stunningly wonderful.

A negro teenager will learn from others that he or she is expected to be of superior physical capability and decide, often for convenience, to take up a physical occupation such as running track or another sport, training harder and with extra -- endless confidence.

True for All: 'monkey see, monkey do' and "the negatives always matter more"..
If one is burdened with a negative stereotype they are likely to allow themselves to be held back by it as are they likely to consciously and subconsciously use all applicable positive stereotypes and expectations to give them strength, faith and confidence.

With the most notions of prejudice of all boxes, "blacks" are mostly happy with the stereotype of them being "better in the bedroom" -- despite it bringing forth unreachably high expectations, nullified by the similarly prevalent but adverse stereotypes that they are unsuitable partners due to infidelity and financial insecurity.

"Of course there are those who have defied stereotypes, aren't stereotypes untrue to begin with"

The only popular positive stereotypes "whites" have, that I can currently recall, -- both most fail or refuse to admit acknowledgement of  -- are that they feel superior (a liability and catalyst) and that they are capable of doing anything...  also, the dancing thing...

There are other topics I could delve into and probably will such as the belief that everybody is racist but this is supposed to be short.... positive stereotypes exist, help, harm and are as untrue and as confusing as the negative ones.

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