Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Black Person Thinks X Ways (Generalisation Time Again)

# When a 'black' person sees an advertisement mentioning 'whiteness' in the context of cleanliness. (e.g. Toothpaste or laundry detergent commercials) they think of racial connotations and the superior value of the property of 'whiteness'.
# Concerning 'ancestry services', companies that provide historical records on deceased individuals in the attempt to trace a customers lineage, 'black' people tend to be afraid of such endeavours. Deterred, a typical 'black' will expect to learn of slavery in their ancestry. Every time a 'black' person sees an advert for ancestry services, he or she will feel the opposite of happy.

# When a 'black' person sees an 'interracial' couple, he or she almost uncontrollably considers the racial dynamics. As of now, 'blacks' are arguably as far from 'colour-blindness' as any other demographic because of the racial element in their identity. It is generally claimed by 'whites' that they do not regularly consider race in the context of their personal identities.

# 'Blacks' perceive that when interacting with anyone, their race is always a factor of influence that will almost always result in extra obstacles to be challenged by.

# Considering 'racial purity' and the adherence to it that some other races enact, 'blacks' see their race's 'watering down' as basis for opposition to the 'racial purity' concept. 'Blacks' believe that racial purity is a nonsensical aim in a world of inevitable intermixing.

# With losses in general, a 'black' person generally considers race as a factor. 'Blacks' perceive their race to be more unhelpful than helpful in scenarios outside of athleticism.

# Athleticism in 'blacks' is negatively linked to the slave trade and the 'survival of the fittest' concept, which may possibly be just misconceived hyperbole.

# When a 'black' person sees another black behaving in a memorably disagreeable manner, he or she will think that any onlookers will see those actions as indicative of inherent negativity in the 'black' people or the 'black' condition. Because of the existence of racism, and the focus 'blacks' have on such a topic, these occurrences are expected to have detrimental ramifications worthy of depressing and disheartening consideration.

#. When faced with the suffering of European P.O.Ws, 'blacks' consider that the suffering of other coloured people over the course of the last millennium (1000 years) was worse - despite how bad European suffering is presented. Decades are compared with Centuries - and the worst of European history is eagerly proclaimed and taught, whilst the worst of 'other races' suffering is hidden and washed over.

# Regarding being proactive, when a 'black' person who is attractive tries obnoxiously hard to get something for themselves, they are hated and opposed. This realisation acts as a deterrent. It seems that the proactive actions that 'whites' and 'ugly' 'blacks' are able to enact to positive effect are unacceptable when done by attractive 'blacks'. When the attractive 'black' tries, everyone is against them - when others try, everyone is more 'for' them - offering help and assistance. This can fuel hopelessness, pessimism and apathy.

# Despite any health benefits and pleasure, eating watermelon in public is not a desirable act for a 'black' who is aware of the historical 'watermelon' stereotype. Most (+51%) 'blacks' don't regularly eat watermelon, it may be enjoyed but it is not favourited by 'blacks' partly due to it's accompanying stereotype. An Asian or 'white' can walk down the street eating a slice of watermelon without feeling bad. Most 'blacks' won't ever even want to try and see what that is like. When a 'black' sees someone handling watermelon, and they know about the stereotype, their race is subsequently considered by them. Fried chicken is a viable often, that unlike watermelon, can be cheap and is capable of being eaten as an actual meal, so the stereotype, while still deterring many, is not as often or as valid a deterrent as the 'watermelon' one..

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