Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Is It Bad To Be Desperate?

Naturally, people always find ways to demonize things that are healthy, good and fair. It is simply being a part of society to unquestioningly partake in collective stupidity. Effectively, it is stupid to question collective stupidity. Which is totally stupid.

For some reason, it is a bad thing to be eager in a relationship, even when other people aren't watching. One can easily be too eager.

FYI I left a relationship that could be likened to a marriage and, No, I 'd never let her read this stuff.

People are trained to admire those who do not want them. As well as that training, there is an inherent desire in humans to gain the favour or affections of those who initially treat them with indifference; the wanting of importance is normal and of considerable effect. Enacted by all while being somehow treated as inappropriate.

So, when someone proclaims their attraction to someone, that someone will typically reject them. Yet, if the communication of the attraction is restricted to subtlety, the chance of agreement is higher. That seems odd, but makes sense when 'isms' and cultures are considered.

And, mate, its not just women who are responsible for this idiocy. If a girl offers a man her goods, be it on terms of sex or a relationship, the man leans toward declining or only partaking momentarily. From her assertiveness, he prejudges that she is either crazy, trouble or dirty in the worst way.

This is fukkkn stupid.

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