Saturday, June 25, 2016

How European Immigrants Behave In England - Examples Of Antisocial Negatives

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The place they come to (only quiet like this at 3am).
How European workers leave the street each time, after sitting on this wall for hours in the evening. Disconcertingly, for two summer months, they drank and partied loudly like the wall in the picture was a public nightclub. They returned week after week for a few months. Many Europeans think that public drinking in groups, in and outside of communal areas, is all good fun and games. Yes, England is beautiful, but not with you guys and your mess in the frame.
From a period of employment in a 95% foreign-worker factory that is the UK's number 1 provider of a certain type of sweet.
The privileged and self-segregated European staff set themselves aside a table in the canteen, only one or two non-EE worker is allowed to sit there.
Behind the camera is another seating-space, thrice the size of the one in shot. With the machines, shelving and a microwave nearby, the place in the photo is 'the best' and has been taken by EE's.
With so many eyes to look out at all hours of every day, the Europeans feel comfortable enough to not leave their possessions secured in lockers. Instead, they mark their territory with coats, purses, bags and regular attendance.

 Notice: Images are taken months prior to or after the posting of this page. 

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