Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Black Girls and Wigs


Please, please, please PLEASE, Please.. Don't do PORN with natural hair, remember... Showbiz, Please, please, please PLEASE...

What exactly is going on with black girls and their hair?

Everywhere I go, in the city and outside of it, over half of the African or Caribbean looking girls have unsightly fake hair on their heads. Weaves, Wigs and Hairpieces.

"Black" girls, in general, have an issue with their (no pun) negro hair-- the media doesn't help: nearly never showing a "black" woman as beautiful with her natural hair. Respect to "A Christmas Horror Story".

Showbiz and reality (real life) are two different things that have a particular relationship: Showbiz is a part of reality whilst reality has little belonging in showbiz. Therefore, the standards of the show business world should not apply to real life. "In showbiz everyone one wears wigs and hairpieces."

I get a girls number in the evening, call her up, get excited and arrange a date. I meet her and Boom, Wow, I don't feel comfortable with her in public, SHE HAS A WIG ON, an invisible parting. Can I ask her if she had CANCER? People look at us funny, I look at her funny, ON EDGE waiting for someone to say something.. She must not love herself...

(skipping over the epic anthology)
Lets get it straight: 'Black' girls' issue with their negro hair is anchored by the fact that it isn't straight 'white' hair. That in it's natural state it is dry, springy, unruly and ultimately different.

Indians love their hair. Why? Because its straighter and grows longer?
It is always pleasant to see a darker toned female with her own curly hair, they look beautiful. A woman will never, NEVER ever look Good (never mind her 'best') with a Wig on, especially if she's young and pretty, it ruins you.

"Oh but 'white' girls always change their hair, wearin' different colours and styles!"
Dying your hair is different to replacing it. Every hairstyle should be 'styled'.. Duurrr

I'm awaiting the time a "black" celebrity goes to a big event with a bunch of CHAINS on her head.

Its just not a good look. The practice roots from the times of oppression, Black Hair was demonised and seen as messy, unpleasant and inferior. "Whites" were more willing to endure a "black" person if he or she was without / didn't have BIG, Black, Curly, Unruly hair. You would only get employed or accepted if most or all of your natural and curly hair was GONE. The 60's was a special time..
Beautiful Hair (Click4FullSize NOW!!)
"no its not still like that, isn't it? if it is, who's upholding it?"

Mothers force and teach their daughters to wear wigs as children. They and the majority of the Negro community, male and female, also teach them that their natural unchanged curly hair is ugly, silly and inferior by calling it names like 'nappy', 'dutty' and 'messy'.

Poor females spend more than the price of 100 loafs of bread every month on FAKE HAIR.
Many Millions of beautiful women cannot feel comfortable or confident in public simply because their natural hair is visible.
Some shave it all off...
Women use these methods of self-disrespect (weave, lacefronts, wigs etc.) eagerly despite the widely known fact that using them for prolonged lengths of time will unavoidably damage their hair and scalp to a point where their natural hair is truly ugly (unhealthy, patchy, thin, a headtop alopecia hairline) and they virtually have no choice but to wear "enhancers". Amazing isn't it? Shocking, No?

Imagine willingly paying a fee for a FAKE CLOWN NOSE every month and wearing it PROUDLY because you think its better than your own. SERIOUSLY ("no, no, your talkin shi")

Imagine how "black" men feel about the opposite sex of their 'race'. Imagine the impact. Women so unable to respect and love themselves properly, with that same negative attitude seeping over and into other areas of ones being. Imagine how it could make "black" men feel... as the other half of their racial division: the effects, individually and collectively..

Imagine how (positive) non-black people feel about seeing you women like this. How it might make them happy to see you like this.

"Black" women must proudly wear and manage their OWN, natural hair in order to prove that WE ARE FREE and all "races" are equal, DO as YOU WANT... but think about it a bit please..


"No, it's Nappy!! and nappy is a bad, bad thing, eeurggh!!"

Happy being me!! I am BEAUTIFUL!!!

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