Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brown Equals Excrement

Why aren't people ashamed to say that they think of poo when they see something brown?

Its idiocy, like saying everything red reminds you of dying.
Must we always focus on the worst? The colour Brown can conjure up thoughts of other less disgusting things e.g: wood, chocolate and earth to name a few.. But No, Its funny to say brown reminds you of doodoo.

A negative thought/notion in any head.
what do you think when you see a brown person?.or liken brown to poo around a brown person?. you're smart..yeah..really?

Is this widespread and international practice decent or civil?..
Answer: Neither

White drink looks like its full of Puss from zits
Pink looks like the stripped skin off rats or pigs
Yellow and Pale looks like something that's dead or old
And green for some reason reminds me of mould

If brown only ever makes you think of poo you are an nasty imbecile..

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