Thursday, January 10, 2013

Society Hates Hip Hop

Hiphop's heyday is gone.. Although there are successful artists, nobody cares about who's the best.

It's fashionable to say "I don't like rap or hiphop" yet it's also fashionable to see poetry as amaaaazing and childlike crap rap by absolutely anyone who doesn't look 'like a rapper' as worthy of applause. People are reluctant to give rap a chance, downplaying the genre as bull..

Most mainstream hip hop music and media displays ignorance and idiocy, giving a contradictory impression to the true art of hip hop music. 

Gang bangers, hoes, drugs and gun play. It seems almost custom made to be demonised, probably has been. Mainstream rappers today only talk of glorifying paid sex, crime and being rich. The revealing irony is clear when you ask "Why would that sell?

WorldStarHipHop is well known for being the place to find videos of women being beaten up.

Many rappers have reached success simply by making noise and talking rubbish with careless ignorance.

What is hiphop? It is a culture, focused on music, living and mentality. Spawned by the need for individuality, a force for free speech and education. For Positivity. Hip hop is an art-form as valid as film-making or opera.

Who wants to listen to the offensive views of an empty headed and disillusioned teenager? A teenager, that's who... Hip hop made for adults with intelligence in mind is consistently not marketed -- Probably because we aren't supposed to be smart and know about the world and its injustices. 

The hiphop main stage is full of alcoholic druggie, gangbanging idiots who we: the people, have admitted into the proverbial hall and reward. Failure is almost guaranteed to a hip hop artist if he or she strenuously uses their brain -- because of you.


Kendrick Lamar is about as conscious as the mainstream wants to get. Hiphop has the capacity to be a positive force in the world. Knowledge of the Illuminati has arguably been popularised by Hiphop music, a sign that it is still a medium of message. Sadly though, more people have been informed about the devilish group with stories about Illuminati puppets from the anonymous than the number who have been informed about the topic by Illuminati ousters.

Many over/underground artists stay righteous, creating music and visuals with valuable messages and compositions to offset the negative efforts. A main and near exclusive aspect of hip hop is the focus on lyricism.

A small and precious portion of today's hip hop music features lyrics that are self referential and have triple entendres, making for dialogues that are, to many, not understandable. Most people who like hiphop only listen for the bass and attitude, everything other aspect is irrelevant. The less the rapper is doing the better. 

Battlerap is evidently an intellectually progressive arena, with practices that are being employed by rap music makers. I can reasonably liken understanding the appeal of superior hip hop to being able to understand how to do cryptic crossword puzzles or critique fine or modern art. Unfortunately, the artists who focus on intellect and lyrical progression are not marketable -- Like an arthouse movie with subtitles, nobody wants to know; Its too much effort to listen to that shit..

Hip hop music doesn't have to be about the music, It can be solely about the understanding of the listener.. a notion that is alien to most.

As a fan of rock music, do you listen to the stupid copycat garbage or the undeniably good stuff? If only the mainstream could consume rap music in such a considerate way. There is without question, a good section of hip hop For You... Stop Hating!!

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