Saturday, January 05, 2013

Extortionate Transport Fares Will Continue To Rise

Will transport companies stop milking their customers? NO. Fares rise as services remain poor. They have even shortened the numbers of passengers rise, the train capacities decrease with little to no increase to frequency. It would seem that commuters are Hated.

For Example -- I am between London and Cambridge (Uk capital and a smaller city) the journeys to either destination take the same duration of time from where I start. But the tickets are different prices: to Cambridge and back -right now- it is £11 for a return and £10 for a single compared to London and back's £15 single £18 return -- You spend the same amount of time on each journey (Less Than 30 mins) but the London one is used more..Those cheeky animals.

A monthly ticket bought by a worker a month in advance is nearly the same price as 4 weekly tickets bought consecutively, that cant be right.. today a weekly ticket is 116 pounds, up from 110.
For a start, Why isn't there a 5 day ticket? Most long-distance commuters only use their tickets on the workdays, so why must they be forced into buying a 7 day pass, with no alternative if they want to get the least offensive deal. For the workers: SELL A 5 DAY PASS .

What these companies are doing is extortion. They understand that people have to work and travel to do it, whatever the conditions. Theoretically, with the fact we are consistently too sheepish to protest, They Can Do What They Like, even if  it prices the working out of jobs.
"I cant afford to do this job anymore" 

£445 A MONTH... MOST PEOPLE ONLY MAKE AROUND £1000 A MONTH... Is it reasonable to pay half of your wages out on travel costs?.. Housing rent is £400 a month at least. So HOW are millions of people expecting to live?

Public transport services should be Under Public Control... but no, our services are owned by Americans and other wealthy international companies, who have no reason to help us mere NUMBERS.
The London Underground is no better..
London Underground travelcard prices

 Prices will only keep on rising if we allow our governments to forfeit control..

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