Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Deal or No Deal Foreigners

Millions of people apply for Deal or No Deal every year, in every country that the franchise has a show in.

I am currently in England and have applied for the show more than ten times. I apply for myself and family members once every few months and the awful application form is about as long and drawn out as one can be.

Yet, Eastern Europeans and other Foreigners are accepted on to the show, even though they haven't been in the country for more than a year or so. These people aren't even 3yr citizens.

I believe shows like this (gameshows) should only be open to actual citizens, there's large amounts of money being given out for free. These shows should ONLY be open to people who have been in the country for more than 10 years and are NOT RICH.

That rules out these fresh immigrants and rich people, THAT'S FAIR. Deal or No Deal stop Giving Money to Foreigners, you imbeciles.

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  1. We all know why foreigners enter this show,no knowledge of anything british is required,how many do you see on the chase ?

  2. its full of scrounging immigrants because they are being put up in a 4 star hotel for weeks maybe months,then they know they have the chance of winning huge money just for opening boxes,no wonder they all flock there with big sly smiles on there faces.


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