Thursday, June 09, 2016

Why I Move to Music - Why Don't They?

Confused, I look at someone with headphones on, I can hear the beats of their songs, yet they aren't moving. It seems that the act of moving to music through headphones is relegated to those who identify with what is known as a lower-class trend. I say that because, in my experience, all who moved to their music on public transport (in public but not on a dancefloor) were the sorts you could imagine knew, liked and hung out with 'black' people - and all of those who didn't, were not.

I feel as though I am disrespecting the music if I do not move to it at least a little. That is probably due to my upbringing, with it not being one that marked moving to music as a special activity. Of course, there are musical genres that do not rely on audible beats, yes, but they account for about 5% of the music people actually listen to.

All of the rest of the music out there has beats, albeit of different arrangements and with/without percussion. You can rock in your chair to operatic music if you're listening closely enough.

I don't move to music I 'don't like', even if I want to. E.g If I'm in the hood and a rock song is on, I'm not moving. But, if I was on my own, I might move to that rock song. Maybe that's why: because certain people don't want to be seen moving to their music... Why? Maybe because of that thing I mentioned earlier.

I expect someone's favourite song, as long as it isn't misery based, to make them physically move in some way. Just what is stopping some people from moving to their music on public transport
I get that certain genres influence some weird ways of dancing. Yet, for the same song, there's the dutty wine and the two step. You can move in a million ways. Not even a finger? No?

Dancing is something babies, animals and * Aliens * do when they hear music they like. It's arguably an automatic (yet supressable) response to the frequencies of a song vibrating and melding together. Undeniably, something happens to people to make them not want to allow their nature to show and dance.

Moving to music can have benefits outside of physical fitness. If I allow myself to move to upbeat music that has simple or intangible lyrics, I actually think and act better and faster.

One day, I'll probably do a post about the 'weirdos' who don't like to listen to music at all.

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