Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Volunteering Is An Impossible Myth #FUTILITY

Jobhunters say “how can I get experience, when I need experience to get experience”, which is a paradoxical conundrum of the modern-age, to which pompous ignoramuses say “Volunteer”.

The only places you can expect to be able to volunteer are food banks, community service teams and charity shops… do you know why? Because nobody gets paid in those roles, everyone is a volunteer. Those opportunities allow someone be applicable for customer service roles, which is good enough... but what about other vocations. I'd better learn to suck dick.

An individual typically can’t volunteer anywhere else. If you want to get into customer service, you can get into the field, which does actually require skills, through volunteering. Maybe you can volunteer to look after animals. However, nearly every other role - using earned qualifications, is exempt from volunteering. This is sick but won’t change.

Volunteering and ‘experience’ do not describe self-employment, knowledge or general experience. Those terms are only defined by work in a formal environment under a boss. The only way to get experience or volunteering positions are through nepotism; opportunities gained through friends and family. If you have no friends or family but require experience in a field other than customer service, you are doomed – regardless of study.

Internships are volunteering agreements for qualified jobseekers. They are practically unpaid and allow a person to get experience but, sadly, they have a regular job-application process. This means that most applicants will not be given the chance to have an internship, working for free. Besides, disagree as you may, POOR PEOPLE CANNOT WORK FOR FREE. Benefactors are needed. If you don't have money to survive a period of free work, typically up to three months, you WILL NOT be able to volunteer or be an intern. Where is the goodness of God?

This effectively means that no matter how hard you try, you have a 90%+ chance of never getting the job you want. 9 out of 10 people are doomed to waste their time on studying for their dreams and will end up working in roles that they did not study for. I’m looking forward to being in jail soon, because I am never going back to factory work.

Is the mid-tier education system, Diplomas and Degrees, simply a finance-focused industry? There to create revenue instead of futures. There to con people with their dreams.

So when people say that the solution to the ‘Experience Paradox’ is volunteering, they are giving you another paradox. You want formal experience in what you have studied for, so that you can have a job in that field, but you are not allowed to volunteer in most fields. 

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