Monday, February 01, 2016

Defeatist Pessimist Pragmatist

Everything is futile
Though life can be satisfying with what I am given, I am under the impression that nearly all of the extraordinary desires that I have are impossible.

I see no reason in creating screenplays because they will never get made and, if they do, nobody will watch them.

I see no point in working for a better future, society dictates where I go.. And society does not want me to succeed in anything but failing.

I see no point in trying to write a book because it would take hundreds of hours and nobody will read it. Even if I gave the transcript to family or friends.

I see no point in trying to enact social change. People think that they make their own lives and only take commanding from government.

I see no point in creating music, the process of song production would take years on my own and I would only make original conscious jazzy hip hop, which is unmarketable.

I see no reason to believe in God, other than optimism, because science is steadily killing God.

I see no reason for going to job interviews, other than the chance at luck, because everyone wants me to fail, has low faith in me and will take every positive as or under a negative.

I see no point in selling drugs, it will only result in my early death or imprisonment.

I see no point in trying to help people with words, they take my advice as if it is what not to do, hating me for my delivering of undeniable solutions.

I see no point in talking to women, they provide more stressful demands than enjoyment. I will only become bored of them, if they don't get bored of me first.

I see no point in studying hard. I would be denied every opportunity to work because of my face and non-sheep attitude. I would be unable to get any formal experience, because everyone hates people who look like me.

I see no point in being an optimist because of my experience with society, where everything is impossible and society functions with abundant idiosyncrasies. Everyone is opposition.

I see no point in doing this blog, other than to discuss topics with my peerless self. Nobody will share anything here and the search engines are biased toward big sites. SEO only goes so far.

Society and I are unable to reach our potential. Maybe we shouldn't look at our true potential as, with our humanity, it is impossible for us humans to reach.

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