Sunday, February 24, 2013

Facebook Games Are Rubbish

As of right now...

Most Facebook games are 2D unoriginal copies of other, more successful ones with hhuuugly graphics and no fun to be had. play this after you realise this isn't 3D
Since these games are not fun, you might be looking for a story. Look hard.

You reach a point in most of these games, usually after 2 or 3 hours of play, where to proceed you must pay for an enhancement (extra stars or items you need). This practice makes playing these games pointless and unsatisfying, being forced to forfeit playing due to insurmountable difficulty only there to make additional money.

I'm looking forward to the first quality 3D game that you can play in-browser on Facebook. Imagine a "Second Life" service that would connect you to realistic avatars of all your friends. By 2016, the average computer will be able to display Xbox360-quality graphics so this notion is a possibility.

Thieves!! make a good Facebook game and then money will be reasonable, until then.. facebook ain't a place to play games, I'm on Steam...

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