Friday, March 08, 2013

Do English People Hate England?

if not, then why are they allowing it to deteriorate and fall

Allowing millions of scrounging foreigners into the country, almost welcomed. Rejecting and ignoring the cries of those born here to regain the control and ability to improve this country. Proclaiming that their own English people are lazy and unskilled.

I walk up a non-central London high street, past a thousand people, unable to overhear a conversation in English (no lie). Unable to find a local job because Arab and Muslims only want to hire "their own". Unable to not feel like a foreigner in my country of birth..

The paper's talk of an influx of Romanians, huh? Hasn't that already happened??

In the past 10 years, at least 10 million europeans have left their country for a better life in England, to further worsen the conditions of those already there. What these leeches don't realise is that England is now in a similar state to their "downtrodden" homelands. Many Spanish came and left, because things weren't as good as they looked from the outside. This immigration is especially a problem this decade because England has been overpopulated since the mid 80's.

Its too late to remedy African and Asian immigration, too many have been here for too long, 1 in 5 big schools in London is Arabic-only, but the europeans are simply a kick in the balls and they've still got one toe out the door; many aren't citizens yet. There's still hope...

In a time of recession and cuts, with high unemployment and increasing "austerity", the ConDem government allowing this to continue is unacceptable and simply offensive.

Around the corner from Buckingham Palace
Why are they doing this?.. Why are they here?

What would happen if a million Africans turned up to fill jobs and receive government money in a recession-hit Vulgaria? It wouldn't be nice to watch...

In multiple parts of Italy, the few thousand "black" immigrants (not citizens) they had were all forced into slums to dwell in poverty.

In many areas of England the residents are 80% Arab

Only 72% of people in England speak English...smh

Diversity without regulation will only result in divisions, 'dont get me started..'

Why are the English only scaredly complaining in private and not uniting to take physical action?

Most of our societal problems can be bottom-lined with "There are no jobs" --Sending back 15 million careless leeches would undoubtedly solve that problem..

Long live UKIP...actually no, Long live something better...Just get us out of the EU, NOW!!!
Birthday celebrations in Hackney

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