Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Message For Lonely White Men: A Beauty Bias


If you rate yourself a two, a three or below, this is not about you..

Don't worry matey,

 I know you're struggling to get laid with someone you truly want. Those pretty white girls, like you see in the media, only give up their goods for money, an opportunity, a fashionable image / lifestyle or a big cock (if that's what they still want) and don't really have time for pasty regular Joe's like you.

You have an advantage, to combat whatever disadvantages you perceive. You're 'white' and that means more people wanna know you. I know it's weird to actually see written.

But.. compare yourself to your counterpart; someone of similar size with exactly the same qualities, bad habits, polish and bank balance but of a different race. Unless you are really ugly, you will be more attractive to women than your other-raced counterpart. Poor man. Blame it on the media, shaping our societies' consensuses on the openly ranked ideals of human beauty.

"Why are Italians so hot?"

Even if you are really hot, as a 'white' male, you'll still be more acceptable to more people than your equally hot other-race counterpart. 

Imagine that you're on one of those dating shows with loads of girls signalling whether or not they fancy the single man at the centre of the stage.. More people in that room will fancy you, Mr White, than your precise other race counterpart.

I know some people won't (want to) get the concept of counterparts. You, my light faced man-friend, do, because you're smart, aren't you?.

This guy is somehow equal to..

That's YOU with his ex..

There's always the east Asians, you know those little demure women with the straight black hair, round faces and pale skin. One of them will have you.

You can get a china doll, 

I am not saying that looks are everything, obviously there are many other variables, this is about appeal and, ultimately, how people look at each other under a practically-omnipotent bias toward and against certain aesthetics.

If you are not attracted to women of other races, perhaps you Could acknowledge that a girl you don't think is beautiful is factually infinitely more beautiful than you, man..

"Rihanna, she's ugly, not my cup of tea.."

Although we are all undoubtedly divided for the most part, you can have many women of all races, relatively easily, but you wanted to know where your best chances are...

With the next regular east Asian girl you see in a comfortable environment (not random, although your chances will be relatively good), won't you just attempt to get her number after listening to and flirting with her for a while? You probably will get a date.
As long as you aren't scruffy.

Fake hair = Easier
Don't bother with religious Indians who are close to their families.. Actually, you might get a one nighter. You have a decent chance, matey..

Most East Asian women find darker skinned Indian men the least attractive of all prospects and are somewhat scared of the reality of intimate relations with a 'black' man. Single 'oriental' women are highly eager to become acquainted with smart looking 'white' men and tend to be more open to initiations.

Talk about the relatively minuscule amount of South-East Asian girls with 'black' men, not considering the fact that some 'black' men have small penises and exceptions are a rule of of rules. If you are a professional 'white' man with money,

Even though you just read that, it's likely that you will still disagree with all of this shit and tomorrow, see or hear it as true but then deny it. I guarantee you an Asian girlfriend, if you make 5 decent attempts. If you don't get one, I get a thousand bucks.

A lot of the issues that typically push people away from each other will be made to be of much less importance by her eagerness to accept you.

As you will also find with quite a few black women...

This guy gets loads of women + hearts
Who will, probably with irony, accept you for what you are and are not.

Remember, most women (more so with minorities) tend to underestimate their beauty. An average 'white' woman will overvalue herself as society has, whereas an average minority woman will undervalue herself, as society has.

Using the rating scale, that I hate too...
A 'white' female who is effectively a 6 is actually a 5 and a 'black female that is effectively a 5 is actually a 6. A 'white' female who is treated as a 4 is actually a 3 and a 'black female you rate a 3 is actually a 4.
Confusing, much?
This even applies to 9s and tens. If you add an elusive and morally disagreeable Eleven.
This befuddling bias is a direct offset concept to the eurocentric beauty bias that is steadily employed around our world.
This woman is said to be one of the 100 most beautiful women in the world - A NINE/8.
If 40% of peak age 'whites' m/f are attractive to 95% of all people..
And ..
Only 25% of peak age 'Asians' m/f are attractive to 95% of all people...
Or 25% of 'blacks'...        
There is an imbalance in our collective perception.. 'Whites' are not inherently more beautiful if the term 'beautiful' doesn't mean fitting an externally predefined template. Everyone has beauty to be found in their face. Understand that it (beauty) can have no single definition...

Let's also establish what is meant by 'attractive'. It means: 'not ugly'; of aesthetic values that do not bar the onlooker's ability to believe that the subject is 'good looking'. Attractive shouldn't mean 'drop your pants Hot', with our common internal mind-movements it pragmatically means acceptable for intimacy in an inconsequential scenario.
(sorry, I'm not stupid)

If you earnestly act like you love them, give them enough of your time, endure their tests and make promises for the future you can get a 'sister' who is 'out of your league' fairly securely and also partake in the best sex you will ever have had.

ADD her natural hair
Remember, and one could say this for men of all but few races, if she hasn't been with a man of your race yet and is open to the idea of it, your chances are doubled. So, as a wise man once said, Be Who Dey Like.
This is all generalisation, obviously, but you can actually find the evidence. Disprove this, I'll pay you. Actually, no, I won't.. 

A woman being not happy about herself or her race will make it easier for the socially superior 'white' you to make her happy. 

She will endure your caveats despite the fact that, if you were another or her own race, they would cause unacceptable dissatisfaction.

The emotional and social gain from feelings of other-race acceptance and affirmation of worth can't be understated, isn't that what most people live for?..
Of course, anything can overstay it's welcome.

You can even be homeless or penniless. An alcoholic person is not bad when the judge is compelled to allow it. A lot of single black women will try to help you up, as it helps their ego to be in a position of superiority over a 'white' person even if he looks like doodoo, smells bad and is disgusting in his actions.

Yes, multi-hypergamy.

So happy to be in this situation

Just show her a picture of you as a late teenager...

You can look like you've had better days, 
that's A-Okay. 
If you have a face that vaguely resembles any of the many white men from the movies, TV or fashion impressions, you have a good chance of bagging a fairly hot girl of another race, punching above your weight in both stature and state.

You know those adverts, with the domestic family situation, in which the mother is played by a model and the 'white' man is not?..
That is just like how real life looks.

You should have at least a chick who's one point hotter than you.. possibly Six.

For when you show this to your sister: A man of quality will often question whether he is worthy of the woman, there is always consequence.

14(b). Watching a person with a positive impression leads the viewer to become more fond of and comfortable with a person of 'that sort'..

Think of it like this if you must: because of many reasons, a 'white' male 7 is equal to an Indian male 8, a 'white' male 5 is equal to a Japanese male 6 and a 'white' male 'Perfect Ten' is equal to Eleven.
Don't lie 

For the majority of women of other racial divisions, being with an attractive 'white' man who gives her what she wants is the best possible relationship to be in. Your job is to know that you are 'that guy'..
 who can 'do' anything.

My pale brother, you shouldn't be hungry.

Smile, this is reality..

Your Dad, watch the belly...
and the kick at the end..

P.S.    when I find that bookmark, there will be some tables and stats for you to deny.

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