Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fuck U2 and Apple, Douchebags!!

Taking the piss, these U2 anus cups are invading everyone's iPhones. Their album, worthless songs of innocence, is nausea inducing, clich├ęd and pretentious.

Nobody wants your shitty music, everyone knows who you are, whoever likes you will download your crap, you will get no new fans from this act of inconsideration, making everyone waste hours of their lives on getting rid of you Bono.

I can't get it off my iPhone, how to remove this garbage from my music library? #imagine if the government just put shit on every phone, propaganda or something, we'd riot, U2 are wrong. Nobody else can do this.

Swiping a song to the left does not work, instead of deleting it, it just plays the piece of loathsome noise.

Upon further investigation I have discovered that this is a ploy to make people pay for the subscription based iTunes Match, the key that allows for the ability to delete the undeletable.

If you have done every suggestion and still have that rubbish listed, try this solution: sign in and out of iTunes in your phone settings.

Disgusting, everyone now hates U2 and trusts Apple less, great business guys!

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