Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Real Best Fix For Youtube And The Music Industry

Tidal? hahaha heerrrr...

Currently with ads:
If I watch a music video four times on YouTube one night, with 1000 views roughly translating to a dollar in Adsense earnings, I am virtually creating 0.004 dollars of revenue.

Look around, this is a problem - and one that a solution is constantly being scouted for.

Also, adverts suck! So bad. Having content being broken up by annoying, mostly-skipped and reapeating adverts is an excuse for freeness - nobody would pay to get adverts.

I'm sure I've mentioned this business model before...

Implement a pay service, maybe Google play, so that users can buy 100 YouTube credits for a dollar. The original Adsense service will exist but another more exclusive revenue stream will be in effect aswell. Adverts could still be shown for credit users but at a much lower frequency and of much lower obtrusion.

To watch a video of a certain category (such as music or entertainment) the user must use a credit equating to a cent. This will allow the account access to the video for a short amount of time (maybe an hour) and will lower the cost of infinite access by one credit.

Uploaders can charge a price for unlimited access (relative ownership) which could mean Youtube allows the buyers to download the files to their devices for offline play. I COULD BE STEVE JOBS

"The problem is, which nobody wants to accept, is that properly monetising the internet requires constant implementation of new co-existing methods of creating more and more revenue. This is because when the cost of a non-essential service to consumers increases with inflation, the amount of users drops"

This would mean that as well as Adsense revenue, 100 credit-paid views would transfer 1 dollar of currency, creating a revenue stream that works 10 times faster than Adsense. All of this would benefit from increased use of teasers and trailers.

Of course, movie trailers and other sub-produce must be free to view, at least initially. Maybe after a user account views one of these free videos a small number of times, credits are required to continue replaying. 
See, Bandcamp does it already..
There is no risk of setting the free view limit too low or high, all people have to do to view a free video when their accounts free views for that video are used up is sign out. 

This scheme could (and I think, should) be implemented throughout the majority of the internet, allowing services and media to be paid for. Of course most types of domains would have their own terms; webmasters would be able to choose whether or not to use the script but all of the major publications would adhere to this beneficial change.

Yes, it would be world news and yes, it would be radical to initiate.

Even if the Adsense revenues decrease slightly from this new complimentary system, the losses will definitely be offset by the credits system.

All of the music videos are credit-paid, the whole category, "NO!! Indies you can't put up your music for free, you must charge a credit". The music industry should love this, if only they weren't so deaf.

This may also bring a stop to the clown acts such as Riff Raff and others who people only click videos of to see what everyone's talking about; when money is an issue, people aren't so accepting.

Because a dollar for 100 chosen videos is fair and unobtrusive, certainly lasting many users more than a week. This IS NOT a bad idea.

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