Monday, February 24, 2014

Why Cant Black People Forget About Slavery?

Because of naysayers, I won't spend much time on this one, it is simple.

People always say: "slavery is over", "forget about it", "slavery is not an issue".

Of course for 'whites', it is not an issue (those without empathy or compassion), slavery has only benefited them. Slavery enabled them to become world leaders and 'the most important people in the world' by allowing them freedom for studying and experimentation as opposed to constant work and subsequent catchup. Slavery has fuelled 'whites' with self belief and weighed 'blacks' down with self doubt and loathing. It's complex and I'm simplifying. If you had less problems would your life be better? never mind..

400 years of slavery, 20 generations of hell....

Slavery has had many effects on the free descendants, none of them good (bar strength). For the descendants of slaves, Slavery is always important; it is their woe, their painful leash, their legacy and their reality.

Imagine knowing that you would be a slave to the person you sit opposite from on the train to work, something that can only be pushed out of ones mind by ignorance or worry. Then imagine how you would feel knowing that and that the person opposite may be looking at you thinking "look at that ugly slave, not even a real human"...

I want to write another worthless piece titled "Should 'whites' be afraid of 'blacks'".

"Do they really want us to forget about it all"
"Yes Jimmy"

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