Monday, February 24, 2014

WTF Is Wrong With Employers?

Why does it seem as though employers hate people, oh yeah, they probably do; rich people are 'rich people' after all: "unendingly proven to be stupid, despite their 'intelligent' wealthiness".

Just because you know a lot about e-commerce or the bones of a hand, does not make you smart. It makes you knowledgeable. Didn't Einstein begin his superior legacy working as a patent clerk, a pretty simple job.. I'm wrong..

Employers are ironically the bane of society.

Application forms and their exhausting futility stop people from applying for jobs. A parent looking for part-time work does not have 45 minutes to waste on each application.

Yes there are 4-click applications but those endeavours are even more hopeless: every online job posting allows at least 100 applicants.

Why on earth do applications for low skilled jobs require so much time and effort (questioning)? .. and if the applicant's literacy in the answers to the questions is so important, 'how comes' at least 2 in 3 newly created unskilled jobs go to immigrants who cant possibly write well.... Ignore that point. (don't worry, I have to) (both)

Why do these rich people make 99 out of 100 people collectively waste at least 70+ hours for every job posting?

How can someone be expected to answer the same question 1000 times, each time creating something masterful, spirited and expansive? Surely after 10 failed attempts one should be expected to have their efforts disheartened and lowered.

It's a complete load of garbage, like this blog must be. (why are the lexicons 'blog' and 'online' not in Google's spell check dictionary, rich people...)

Denying someone for having a period of not working is the dumbest thing of the day, Yesterday's and tomorrow's is denying someone experience because they don't have any.

Why must a supermarket ask applicants: 'Why are you interested in the company'? I want a job and your's was the last resort.

'What qualities can you bring to our company?' I am not a thief or immoral idiot and if you don't like hiring a£$hol£$ or racists, I'll get along with the team.

"What do you know of our company?" All I need to know, you sell stuff and use horse and pigeon meat, I couldn't care less about your company's history.. Why should I? I'm not trying to be an executive or manager.

"Give an example of your leadership skills" Hello, I'm applying to be led and not have a say in anything. Be my master, pleae, i'm begging.

"Give an example of your problem solving skills" I decided that the answer to being unemployed and having my expensive, unused and outdated qualifications seen as irrelevant was either crime or applying for this job.

If someone can do a job, let them. No, that's not possibly right......

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