Sunday, February 09, 2014

Lying UK Government Loves The EU - Proof Against Immigration

Governments seem to always oppose public perception. Skewing statistics and disregarding elephants.

Britain's current Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion has been about the town again, running his mouth. Hungarian Lazlo Andor claims that the British public's argument against the current states of immigration are based on “myths”. Inferring that the cries about overpopulation, strain on public services and lack of opportunity are unfounded.

Lazlo spouts that the Olympic sites wouldn't have been built without an immigrant workforce abundant in skills – Ignoring the fact that there were at least 4 million unemployed people in the country at the time, most of whom would have happily taken the month-long certification courses needed to be eligible for employment that were given out free to jobseekers after the Olympic constructions had been completed.

7 in 10 employed EU migrants are in positions that do not require qualifications (different to certifications).

He claims that the NHS needs foreign doctors. Fair enough, but does that statement also mean that the UK cannot train enough doctors to meet demand? If so, there is an issue with our education system.

It would then also seem apparent that our education system would be dysfunctional without an influx of foreign teachers, the same education system that better serves foreign students than nationals.

Is England really so weak without minds from other countries? So we 'brain drain' other countries to make England 'better' and then still end up needing people from other countries? Do the English really suck that much?

Exporting rather than importing in terms of migration, Poland's population hasn't changed much from 38 million in 2004 to 38m now. It's 200Billion GDP in 2004 is now 500Billion (an increase of 300B), which could lead some to believe that a lack of immigration + EU Inclusion can bring financial benefits
Lazlo says that, since 2004 when Britian's doors opened, EU immigration has benefited Britian by raising its GDP by 1.2%. In 2004 Britain's GDP was 2.2T growing to 2.4T in 2012 after a dip to 2.1T in 2009. Seeing a peak increase of 200Billion, with immigration as an abused drug as opposed to aid, England is mixed up.

"Stop ignoring me, you plebian-minded suit"

All of the angles of defence(offense) for the 'European Invasion' are focused on the financial benefits of EU inclusion and immigration, which are questionable to those with the actual statistics. It seems that any detrimental effects that immigration from the EU may have on areas of life other than finance are completely irrelevant to the govern-mental.

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