Friday, February 21, 2014

Solution For Digitalization?

The expectation now is that by 2020 European nations such as France, England and Portugal will have riots and social uprising due to the effects of digitalization (computers taking peoples jobs to point of displacement of the majority of people).

Mass scale riots and rebellion would be good and very very bad.

This fear and reality of humans being displaced by computers is undeniably caused by rich devils, choosing to make themselves and their companies more money by saving it and making it easier with the use of computers.

One coder could create, every year, software instructions that would replace the utility of thousands of humans. 

Surely, one way to prevent this 'inevitable' scenario would be to utilise law. I'm no lawyer but I'm sure that there are ethical requirements for organisations to adhere to.

Surely, Unions can take companies to Court for unethical business practices. If a multinational company, that makes upwards of $10 Billion annually, desires to make 100,000 people redundant to save $2 Billion a year... Is that ethical? Do law systems allow this?

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