Wednesday, January 11, 2017

NHS Cigarette Packaging in the UK

People seem to not realise what is happening.

The NHS is undergoing catastrophic cuts to funding, with demand growing due to gross immigration. Instead of address that issue, the British government has chosen to put funding into another task.

Raising tax on tobacco products, taxpayers money is given to the tobacco companies in return for them changing their cigarette box artwork. The overlords are literally (with money) betting that more disgusting imagery and less glamorous artwork will cause less people to smoke - and therefore lower an immeasurable amount of strain on the NHS.

This change only makes people sadder to smoke. Spreading negative feelings. Ever so slightly lowering the overall mood of the society.

Implementing perhaps the most malicious change possible, they have removed the 'numbers'... the monoxide, tar and nicotine mg counts. This removes regulation that forced manufacturers to produce cigarettes of a specific and limited danger level. Now, they can make whatever they like and leave customers up to finding out how strong the cigarettes are by smoking them first and guessing.

Surely there are better ways to help the NHS and/or lower the demand on it. Are these people really smart? Not all the time... Is alcoholism a greater strain on the NHS than smoking? I think so...

You know what else is immeasurable? The effect of their 'war on tobacco'...

Sick of looking at this...

Here's where I predict a boom in fancy cigarette cases... and a return to colourful packaging in a decade or so.

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