Thursday, August 18, 2016

Teachers Are Responsible For Students Growth

Just think of how many children go through school unhelped, leaving with problems and inadequacies that could have been remedied with a quick ironing-out by one of their teachers. The fact is that teachers have the ability to make their students better. Practically all teachers have the ability to make all of their students great at a subject - but that cannot be allowed to make sense.

If a student leaves the classroom or course still unable to understand related concepts, the teacher is as responsible for the failures as much as the student is. The teacher can change the student, a good one always does. The students are capable of teaching themselves, but then what are the teachers for?.. Great schools have great teachers. Great schools do not have bad teachers. Good teachers do not have bad students for long. Bad students are made good by good teachers. Bad students are the product of bad teachers, just as good students do not need a good teacher to be good. Bad students do not make good teachers bad. They are the teacher’s test.

Keep admonishing responsibility.

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