Tuesday, February 24, 2015

All Black Musicians Are Rappers?


"It seems that to the media, most black musicians are rappers.


Sunday Free / Fashion Magazines Racist?! Proof?!

I checked out the March 2015 Wall Street Journal Women's Magazine for Style and didn't read much. I knew fashion magazines and the industry were racist (racially unfair) but here are some numbers...

Following Oyster Card Prices

Plotting the regular price of Oyster card journeys on buses in London

This page will be updated as changes are discovered.

in August 2014, £1.40
in November 2014, £1.45
in February 2015 £1.50

Monday, February 16, 2015

Powwownow Advert Is Offensive and Depressingly Stupid - Avoid The Horror

'It' says, 'AVOID THE HORROR' = Make your next meeting a conference call!!!!

In the dystopian future that we in England are living in, where random people cannot even look at eachother for more than a second without causing discomfort and offence, this is not helpful to see above and beside commuter's heads on crowded public transport.

In the image above, 'the others' are Serial Killers and in other prints they are Clowns.

The self ingraining message is: All other people are clowns and serial killers and it is a nightmare to be around them.

It's another deep-sinking message that says that everyone else is incompatible with you. Compounding the matching understandings and logical deductions wrought from religion, tradition, fashion, race and class.

That we should all hate eachother. That, in all areas outside of love, it is better for us to not interact physically, let's just rely on computers!!

Everyone would look perceptive, as they communicate only with their phones, if they were to wear t-shirts with 'INCOMPATIBLE' or 'STAY AWAY FROM ME!!' printed on their fronts.

Even if the depressing advertisement was not intended to be offensive, which I doubt, it's most present effects on the minds of observing commuters are undeniably negative. I'm not alone in my disgust, three words: Beloved Burns Victims

What mindless advertising work!!

Their excuse

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feminism's Redeeming Quality

I can't say that I am against feminism, but it's easy to see why people are sick of the concept's effects and advertisements. Feminism attempts to change one of the fundamental elements of society and human interaction so is detrimental in many ways to other elements (nope..not today).

Feminism is: Strengthening women as individuals and allowing them to think of themselves as more capable of independence from men. It has become acceptable for a woman to financially support a man and be in a man's traditional position.

This Western development, to add to the long list, has rendered the archaic practices of the East / Asian / African parts of the world even more dissatisfying. ONE UP!!

It's great that women can have their idea of fair.

I, as a righteous and considerate emasculated male, will always be pleased to see happiness and freedom, regardless of its detractions.
So, am I a Feminist?

Things That Make Employment An Impossibility

HR teams hold no responsibility.

The organisational bodies that provide the populace with employment opportunities seem to function in the most questionable ways possible. However, though their idiocy is apparent to most, these people don't care about the responsibility that comes with their positions of power.

Societies need employers as much as they need food.
What is the reasoning behind the high number of false advertisements on jobsites?

The length of applications is a barrier to people who have lives and cannot afford to waste hours every day on absolutely nothing. Some applications take people 10 hours to complete. You may say that applicants should only apply for jobs that they have a chance at getting, but anyone should have a chance at getting an un/low skilled role.

So, out of desperation, everyone is forced into applying for the roles that 'anyone' can do, meaning the numbers of applicants, and therefore rejections, will be high. Shouldn't the applicant number for unskilled roles, and others that get hundreds and thousands of applicants, be legislatively capped? If only to stop so many people wasting so much precious time.

Illogical interview processes.

As well as: Why allow 2000 applicants then interview 50 people for a single job? That's a lot of wasted time and energy (translation: money)..

Nobody is reading 2000 applications? Is a robot reader, looking for keywords in 2000 applications, a better decision maker than a qualified human searching through the first twenty for a suitable candidate?

Why waste yours and so many people's time?

Why have one team of interviewers interviewing before another (then maybe another), isn't one team enough? Who's actually making THE decision? Is the first team not trustworthy? Or is it the last one?

Making the job givers unreachable.

Why are applicants unable to get a contact number for the person who is hiring? Why are we expected to be content with them hiding themselves away behind receptionists and the internet... Why do they see speaking to people as the worst thing ever?

Disproportionate hiring allowed to damage communities and business.

I understand your concept of 'cultural fit', but isn't that just a disagreeable method of discrimination against individuals who are unique?  It is essentially the practice of not hiring people who aren't like the people who are already employed.

Why are there factories with 90% Asian staffing?

Why are there offices in which 90% of the staffing is female? Every female construction worker is employed.

It should not be acceptable, in a civilised society, to have organisations comprised of groups of individuals that do not mirror, in some way, the groups that they serve. People are different. Sorry. It is not fair for a paper that has 20% Mexican readers and 100 staff to not have a single Mexican writer. There should be 20.

White's in America and the UK make up no more than 60% of the population. Outside of workplaces.

Ignoring issues.

Of what logic is a student loan system that knows that most of its graduates probably won't begin repayments?

We know that the longer someone is unemployed the harder they will find regaining employment.

Isn't that completely moronic? Should we not have a compassionate priority for applicants who have been without opportunities for long amounts of time? Not a vicious-circle devaluation of them? To run a system that isn't idiotic?

Three months of bad luck turns into 12. A year of unemployment results in unemployability (not even a word according to Google) that conceptually leads to AN INFINITE LENGTH OF UNEMPLOYMENT. nice...

Yes... people find their way, to phoenix flights, defeatist satisfaction or end-of-the-road ruin, but only after relying on taxpayers money, paying none themselves and committing crimes. What serious problems to further?!

Is it fair for many companies to only allow allocation of 12+ HOUR SHIFTS!! to human beings wanting sustenance funds for staying alive and healthy and then pay them the lowest possible wages?

Will we ever do any better?

A lack of clarity about our situation.

If there's a number of people who are unemployed or underemployed..

And there is a specific number of open positions..

Can we know those numbers? If not, should we? For the benefits..

If there's 2 million unemployed in a region and there's 500,000 jobs.. Wouldn't the people knowing that there's not enough jobs to go around be better than them confusedly not knowing? Outside of art, isn't clarity better than mystery? Or would it expose the reality of our situations to all? Would we all riot? Would you guys be dead?

Denying Unemployability (Not a real word in Google but Oxford Acknowledges)

Many people believe that there are no unemployable people, despite the fact that they see many of them on the streets every day. People write articles and books arguing against its existence. Is a person that cannot ever find acceptance in interviews employable? Does society not have it's rejects? Should they be saved? As we did to eachother?

Imagine a homeless man who people don't like to talk or listen to, with skills but no suit, nowhere to wash and a mind filled with fear and apprehension from experience.. Even though nobody will give him a job, he is somehow not unemployable.

If 'unemployables' are a myth that nobody believes in, how are 'the unemployable' ever going to get the help that they need.

"We don't care, and we're no sorry"

The shift in the availability of employment.

Why is it that twenty years ago the paradoxical 'experience to get experience' paradigm didn't exist and people could get many more jobs without experience?

Why is it that 40 years ago, jobs were given out with more eagerness and trust? Today, it seems that employers simply don't want to help communities.

We all know now that the difference between average worker pay and average executive pay has increased hugely over the years, Why are you rich people so selfish?

Since when has it been okay to never offer any kind of training, even for 'unskilled' roles? If someone can teach a new employee their role in less than a day, why must someone have experience to get an opportunity? You could even acceptably take the costs for that induction day out of the new employees wages...

"Show her the ropes"
"Do Not! Show Her! The Ropes!!"

Jobcenters not actually being centres for jobs.

There are no jobs to be found in jobcenters, people go to them only to say that the information on the staff's system is correct. That's it... no jobs, no interviews, no employment assistance.

Why are penniless jobseekers expected to spend money to travel every single weekday to their 2nd closest jobcenter, to not get a job and receive zero help?

Why is the jobcenter not a place that serves an idea-of-GOD-supporting job placement system?

Job seeking has costs, a main one being that of travel, so why not provide job seekers with travel cards that allow 2 free journeys per day? To help.. You politicians have areas where there are 15 twenty-storey blocks in a square half-mile. For most of the people living there, 'the jobs' are miles away.

As I must say all to often, NOTHINGS GONNA CHANGE for the better.. and you not believing me or sharing shit like this helps immeasurably.

Be afraid, be very afraid...

The overarching issue is that employers (and other governed establishments that serve as underpins for our societies) function with barely the slightest semblance of civility, compassion or consideration.




3 Positive Pillars Of A Progressive Black Culture

Leaders of 'Black Culture' (whatever that is) consistently call for further understanding of what 'Black Culture' is and what it should stand for.