Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feminism's Redeeming Quality

I can't say that I am against feminism, but it's easy to see why people are sick of the concept's effects and advertisements. Feminism attempts to change one of the fundamental elements of society and human interaction so is detrimental in many ways to other elements (nope..not today).

Feminism is: Strengthening women as individuals and allowing them to think of themselves as more capable of independence from men. It has become acceptable for a woman to financially support a man and be in a man's traditional position.

This Western development, to add to the long list, has rendered the archaic practices of the East / Asian / African parts of the world even more dissatisfying. ONE UP!!

It's great that women can have their idea of fair.

I, as a righteous and considerate emasculated male, will always be pleased to see happiness and freedom, regardless of its detractions.
So, am I a Feminist?

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