Sunday, February 15, 2015

3 Positive Pillars Of A Progressive Black Culture

Leaders of 'Black Culture' (whatever that is) consistently call for further understanding of what 'Black Culture' is and what it should stand for. 

On the surface, 'Black Culture' previously stood for expression, free-speech, self empowerment, education and love. Which is why it's manifestations were so undeniable in it's decades of purity.

Today, 'Black Culture' is something I don't even know about. It seems to be traits and practices employed and administered by others thus rendering the people referred to in the title's ownership illegitimate. The majority of 'blacks' today seem to be representing everything other than what 'Black Culture' in the mainstream stands for, consistently dissatisfied with it's modern iterations.

It's weird, I am trying not to think too much about the issue of 'Black Culture' for the sake of my sanity. Yet, everywhere I turn, the issue screams for consideration. True Hiphop is dead but it's elements are everywhere, like body parts in a crime scene.

From adverts.. To pop... To rock... To the top

If 'blacks' want to establish 'Black Culture' again as something undeniable as it once was.. They must focus on:

Lyrical mind games in rap, to exhibit a unique intellectual ability and reinstate  progressive intelligence-based exercise as one of the main pillars of 'Black Culture'.

Benevolence: Being the goodness of 'g.o.d' to your brother, even if he means to hurt you or believes in a different one.

Truth: Distributing reality instead of fantasy. Being unafraid to tell or accept and endorse the truth of the situation. Enabling beauty to stand tall and free of any exclusively-excluding ideals. 

Once again, It's all gonna get worse.

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