Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why Men Always Disappoint

Women always complain about how men are shxx / dogs / liars and always disappoint.

It is a man's role to disappoint, if that is the role that they are always in.

The problem is that men in relationships have numerous difficult expectations and demands to meet. Before, at the beginning and in the middle of a relationship.

Nearly all men have to lie to get relationships and tell lies to keep them, all to meet these expectations. At the very least, we are all economical with the truth. Among other things, a man is supposed to be self-supporting, strong, intelligent and honourable. Qualities that are hard to reach one-by-one let alone maintain simultaneously.

In terms of attraction, to admit to certain failures is acceptable but to be honest about 'being a failure' is repulsive. Often a man will make a claim or promise when he knows that he will likely be unable to meet it, simply to reap the benefits at that particular moment.

Women are expected to be faithful, caring and sexual.. That's it. Despite the feminists, unlike men, a women only has those qualities to meet in order to be a great partner. These imbalances are why men suck so bad.

Also, men inherently have a desire to experience the bodies and minds of multiple women, as women do with men. The difference is that men generally take more victims to become satisfied in their curiosity... And.. women are more beautiful creatures than men, so have a stronger pull.

In terms of 'infatuation power' in a figurative game of trump cards, women cards have a higher power point average than the men ones. If you can get your head around that analogy, you will agree. So too will you understand why men would be at a disadvantage in resisting attractiveness.


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