Monday, January 05, 2015

Nikki Minaj Bang Bang Racism?

Jessie J, in the middle. Big Sean's girl on our right and Nikki on the left. I know its finicky but our western eyes read from left to right. Generally, the object on the left will get the least mental registration at a glance. STOP THERE

 The innocent young girl in white, with a long blonde mane of lovely straight hair and not a care in her asian-theme comfort room. Not doing much, just looking beautiful with her easy-going attitude and small collection of similar friends.

The classic beauty in the midday sun, wearing a sharp black and white suit-style outfit and classical 50's shades. The leader of all she encounters, followed by all, she is the centre of the show.

A writhing creature of the night, eager to show her animalistic emotion. In a leopard print skirt and a lace strapped leather top, she has curl-less bushy hair that is only half straight and dances sexually with girls who make gun signs. The only reference to a possible Bang Bang lyrical concept.

Pinky, Classic Chick and Fever

Why the exclusive nationality association?
<Your answer...>

Nikki Minaj was born Trinidad and Tobago


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