Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Hate Tidying Up

It amazes me to see how some people live....

Willfully living in squalor, thier havens are neglected.
All it takes is 30 mins each day.

Food in their bedsheets
Plastic bin bags littered around the house
Kitchens stinking and thick with filth
Bedrooms cluttered with clothes all over the floor
Bathrooms with sinks that will make you dirty.

Why on earth would you live in a way that that you yourself would frown upon? Defending your idiocy with delusional justification eg. "My messiness gives me character" LOL

People say your creations are reflections of your mentality.
A room with a bed that has been unchanged for over a year means what?


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brown Equals Excrement

Why aren't people ashamed to say that they think of poo when they see something brown?

Its idiocy, like saying everything red reminds you of dying.
Must we always focus on the worst? The colour Brown can conjure up thoughts of other less disgusting things e.g: wood, chocolate and earth to name a few.. But No, Its funny to say brown reminds you of doodoo.

A negative thought/notion in any head.
what do you think when you see a brown person?.or liken brown to poo around a brown person?. you're smart..yeah..really?

Is this widespread and international practice decent or civil?..
Answer: Neither

White drink looks like its full of Puss from zits
Pink looks like the stripped skin off rats or pigs
Yellow and Pale looks like something that's dead or old
And green for some reason reminds me of mould

If brown only ever makes you think of poo you are an nasty imbecile..

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Poem - What Good

What good is a man who cannot serve and protect his family
What good is a law of which exemption can be bought
What good is a man who has no kind of power over any woman
What good is a law that punishes your justice

Theres only one thing I can do to get revenge
but I'll be the one behind bars instead of them

What good is a man who cannot fight for his right
What good is a law that stands against democracy
What good is a man that cannot avenge the rape of his child
What good is a law that forces crimes to go unpunished

Theres only one thing I can do to get revenge
but I'll be the one behind bars instead of them...


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Society Hates Hip Hop

Hiphop's heyday is gone.. Although there are successful artists, nobody cares about who's the best.

It's fashionable to say "I don't like rap or hiphop" yet it's also fashionable to see poetry as amaaaazing and childlike crap rap by absolutely anyone who doesn't look 'like a rapper' as worthy of applause. People are reluctant to give rap a chance, downplaying the genre as bull..

Most mainstream hip hop music and media displays ignorance and idiocy, giving a contradictory impression to the true art of hip hop music. 

Gang bangers, hoes, drugs and gun play. It seems almost custom made to be demonised, probably has been. Mainstream rappers today only talk of glorifying paid sex, crime and being rich. The revealing irony is clear when you ask "Why would that sell?

WorldStarHipHop is well known for being the place to find videos of women being beaten up.

Many rappers have reached success simply by making noise and talking rubbish with careless ignorance.

What is hiphop? It is a culture, focused on music, living and mentality. Spawned by the need for individuality, a force for free speech and education. For Positivity. Hip hop is an art-form as valid as film-making or opera.

Who wants to listen to the offensive views of an empty headed and disillusioned teenager? A teenager, that's who... Hip hop made for adults with intelligence in mind is consistently not marketed -- Probably because we aren't supposed to be smart and know about the world and its injustices. 

The hiphop main stage is full of alcoholic druggie, gangbanging idiots who we: the people, have admitted into the proverbial hall and reward. Failure is almost guaranteed to a hip hop artist if he or she strenuously uses their brain -- because of you.


Kendrick Lamar is about as conscious as the mainstream wants to get. Hiphop has the capacity to be a positive force in the world. Knowledge of the Illuminati has arguably been popularised by Hiphop music, a sign that it is still a medium of message. Sadly though, more people have been informed about the devilish group with stories about Illuminati puppets from the anonymous than the number who have been informed about the topic by Illuminati ousters.

Many over/underground artists stay righteous, creating music and visuals with valuable messages and compositions to offset the negative efforts. A main and near exclusive aspect of hip hop is the focus on lyricism.

A small and precious portion of today's hip hop music features lyrics that are self referential and have triple entendres, making for dialogues that are, to many, not understandable. Most people who like hiphop only listen for the bass and attitude, everything other aspect is irrelevant. The less the rapper is doing the better. 

Battlerap is evidently an intellectually progressive arena, with practices that are being employed by rap music makers. I can reasonably liken understanding the appeal of superior hip hop to being able to understand how to do cryptic crossword puzzles or critique fine or modern art. Unfortunately, the artists who focus on intellect and lyrical progression are not marketable -- Like an arthouse movie with subtitles, nobody wants to know; Its too much effort to listen to that shit..

Hip hop music doesn't have to be about the music, It can be solely about the understanding of the listener.. a notion that is alien to most.

As a fan of rock music, do you listen to the stupid copycat garbage or the undeniably good stuff? If only the mainstream could consume rap music in such a considerate way. There is without question, a good section of hip hop For You... Stop Hating!!

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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Extortionate Transport Fares Will Continue To Rise

Will transport companies stop milking their customers? NO. Fares rise as services remain poor. They have even shortened the numbers of passengers rise, the train capacities decrease with little to no increase to frequency. It would seem that commuters are Hated.

For Example -- I am between London and Cambridge (Uk capital and a smaller city) the journeys to either destination take the same duration of time from where I start. But the tickets are different prices: to Cambridge and back -right now- it is £11 for a return and £10 for a single compared to London and back's £15 single £18 return -- You spend the same amount of time on each journey (Less Than 30 mins) but the London one is used more..Those cheeky animals.

A monthly ticket bought by a worker a month in advance is nearly the same price as 4 weekly tickets bought consecutively, that cant be right.. today a weekly ticket is 116 pounds, up from 110.
For a start, Why isn't there a 5 day ticket? Most long-distance commuters only use their tickets on the workdays, so why must they be forced into buying a 7 day pass, with no alternative if they want to get the least offensive deal. For the workers: SELL A 5 DAY PASS .

What these companies are doing is extortion. They understand that people have to work and travel to do it, whatever the conditions. Theoretically, with the fact we are consistently too sheepish to protest, They Can Do What They Like, even if  it prices the working out of jobs.
"I cant afford to do this job anymore" 

£445 A MONTH... MOST PEOPLE ONLY MAKE AROUND £1000 A MONTH... Is it reasonable to pay half of your wages out on travel costs?.. Housing rent is £400 a month at least. So HOW are millions of people expecting to live?

Public transport services should be Under Public Control... but no, our services are owned by Americans and other wealthy international companies, who have no reason to help us mere NUMBERS.
The London Underground is no better..
London Underground travelcard prices

 Prices will only keep on rising if we allow our governments to forfeit control..

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Governments Picking on the Unemployed

I am self-employed, I make my own money--how, I shouldn't say... I'm okay

But if I was unemployed, I'd be a sad, sad person. Society looks down on the out-of-work but is partly responsible for their lack of positions. I am sure everyone who is unemployed has applied for work, numerous times. We as a society can and should ensure that employment is fair and for all.

Whoever stops applying for jobs did so because they Understood that they were wasting their time annoying themselves with the overly strenuous application processes; they found out that they have no chance of finding a job that way.

It used to be: You go to school or get a qualification and -- You got a Job
Today: "Its more complicated..."

In 2012, the US government proposed a "fiscal cliff" plan for economic recovery that would just happen to deny social security to over 2 Million long-term jobless. The Unemployed Are Hated.

What we never hear is: HOW MANY JOBS ARE THERE??? If the number of available jobs is only a fraction of the number of unemployed people out there wanting jobs--why are the Jobless being demonised and punished? How can people get jobs that don't exist?

"Hey there You 20 Million LAZY, STUPID unemployed PLEBIANS!!!
   There is 3 Million positions out there for you, half of them part time and short term!!
    You have NO EXCUSE to be unemployed!!!!"
"Hey employers, IMMIGRANTS work better.....Our people are lazy and unreliable!!"


We need a system for JOB PLACEMENT..

Good luck

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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Black Girls and Wigs


Please, please, please PLEASE, Please.. Don't do PORN with natural hair, remember... Showbiz, Please, please, please PLEASE...

What exactly is going on with black girls and their hair?

Everywhere I go, in the city and outside of it, over half of the African or Caribbean looking girls have unsightly fake hair on their heads. Weaves, Wigs and Hairpieces.

"Black" girls, in general, have an issue with their (no pun) negro hair-- the media doesn't help: nearly never showing a "black" woman as beautiful with her natural hair. Respect to "A Christmas Horror Story".

Showbiz and reality (real life) are two different things that have a particular relationship: Showbiz is a part of reality whilst reality has little belonging in showbiz. Therefore, the standards of the show business world should not apply to real life. "In showbiz everyone one wears wigs and hairpieces."

I get a girls number in the evening, call her up, get excited and arrange a date. I meet her and Boom, Wow, I don't feel comfortable with her in public, SHE HAS A WIG ON, an invisible parting. Can I ask her if she had CANCER? People look at us funny, I look at her funny, ON EDGE waiting for someone to say something.. She must not love herself...

(skipping over the epic anthology)
Lets get it straight: 'Black' girls' issue with their negro hair is anchored by the fact that it isn't straight 'white' hair. That in it's natural state it is dry, springy, unruly and ultimately different.

Indians love their hair. Why? Because its straighter and grows longer?
It is always pleasant to see a darker toned female with her own curly hair, they look beautiful. A woman will never, NEVER ever look Good (never mind her 'best') with a Wig on, especially if she's young and pretty, it ruins you.

"Oh but 'white' girls always change their hair, wearin' different colours and styles!"
Dying your hair is different to replacing it. Every hairstyle should be 'styled'.. Duurrr

I'm awaiting the time a "black" celebrity goes to a big event with a bunch of CHAINS on her head.

Its just not a good look. The practice roots from the times of oppression, Black Hair was demonised and seen as messy, unpleasant and inferior. "Whites" were more willing to endure a "black" person if he or she was without / didn't have BIG, Black, Curly, Unruly hair. You would only get employed or accepted if most or all of your natural and curly hair was GONE. The 60's was a special time..
Beautiful Hair (Click4FullSize NOW!!)
"no its not still like that, isn't it? if it is, who's upholding it?"

Mothers force and teach their daughters to wear wigs as children. They and the majority of the Negro community, male and female, also teach them that their natural unchanged curly hair is ugly, silly and inferior by calling it names like 'nappy', 'dutty' and 'messy'.

Poor females spend more than the price of 100 loafs of bread every month on FAKE HAIR.
Many Millions of beautiful women cannot feel comfortable or confident in public simply because their natural hair is visible.
Some shave it all off...
Women use these methods of self-disrespect (weave, lacefronts, wigs etc.) eagerly despite the widely known fact that using them for prolonged lengths of time will unavoidably damage their hair and scalp to a point where their natural hair is truly ugly (unhealthy, patchy, thin, a headtop alopecia hairline) and they virtually have no choice but to wear "enhancers". Amazing isn't it? Shocking, No?

Imagine willingly paying a fee for a FAKE CLOWN NOSE every month and wearing it PROUDLY because you think its better than your own. SERIOUSLY ("no, no, your talkin shi")

Imagine how "black" men feel about the opposite sex of their 'race'. Imagine the impact. Women so unable to respect and love themselves properly, with that same negative attitude seeping over and into other areas of ones being. Imagine how it could make "black" men feel... as the other half of their racial division: the effects, individually and collectively..

Imagine how (positive) non-black people feel about seeing you women like this. How it might make them happy to see you like this.

"Black" women must proudly wear and manage their OWN, natural hair in order to prove that WE ARE FREE and all "races" are equal, DO as YOU WANT... but think about it a bit please..


"No, it's Nappy!! and nappy is a bad, bad thing, eeurggh!!"

Happy being me!! I am BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Deal or No Deal Foreigners

Millions of people apply for Deal or No Deal every year, in every country that the franchise has a show in.

I am currently in England and have applied for the show more than ten times. I apply for myself and family members once every few months and the awful application form is about as long and drawn out as one can be.

Yet, Eastern Europeans and other Foreigners are accepted on to the show, even though they haven't been in the country for more than a year or so. These people aren't even 3yr citizens.

I believe shows like this (gameshows) should only be open to actual citizens, there's large amounts of money being given out for free. These shows should ONLY be open to people who have been in the country for more than 10 years and are NOT RICH.

That rules out these fresh immigrants and rich people, THAT'S FAIR. Deal or No Deal stop Giving Money to Foreigners, you imbeciles.

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