Friday, December 25, 2015

10 Obvious Ways Employers Are Clearly Unfair + Illogical

    Of course, many aspects of the entries below are fair, I'll focus on the unfair and illogical aspects. In desperation, as I adapt this from another article.

      You aren't very savvy on social media (ME TOO) 

    When media is more media than it is social. ....broadcast to unforeseen audiences. Employers will Google you and look you up on social media sites... more than 40% of companies said they have turned down candidates based on what they see on their social profiles.... looked up a candidate ...wearing only a sock. (Not on his foot.) Your profile picture isn't private.A sales manager shared a story .... brilliant resume who interviewed well,.. didn't get the job because he was smoking or holding a bong in what seemed like every photo ever taken....

    Why are you judging people on who they are as individuals? Why must they adhere to a rigid outline of a quintessentially 'boring' person? When Facebook and Google accounts didn't exist, did you benevolent employers hire private investigators to look into your applicants personal lives simply for additional reasons to not give them jobs? What are you hoping to find from looking at Facebook profiles? 
    Should someone put up a false character image/impression on Facebook for all of their true friends to be confused by? Is a picture of a man and a dog better than a woman with three cats? Is it fair for employment to not be awarded on an objective basis?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Religion Is A Joke (Part 13/100)

The prophet said to the evolved-man:
"I know your mind is 2000 years less primitive (more advanced) than mine, yet I still believe that you should follow my teachings."

"If you don't follow me, remembering that I am a 'wise' man from 2000 years ago serving old-time fables who still thinks Earth is flat, you will be punished for eternity"

"You'd better believe me"

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

3 Stupid Lies We Love To Teach / Accept & Why

This blog \ site is built around the stupid stuff that humans tend to do, here is an article\post that mentions three of those things.

It could be said that I am doing stupid things, I wouldn't be human if I wasn't. Maintaining a site which society is unable to accept, refusing to share it and not splitting up long articles. I'm doing this so I don't go to jail for my actions or physically hurt anyone.

The Irony of Feminism

It's quite logical to question feminism. The aim of feminism is to ensure fairness and more freedom for women. Yet, the progressions serve to take freedoms, gifts and fairness away from men.

Of course, where women are literally slaves to men, like in communities of archaic cultures, feminism is a great fuxxing thing. But this is 2016, a time where all religions are disproved daily and most women need to work to live comfortably, so in most western civilisations, feminism is 10 years out of date.
(2005) Green = Women, not accounting for job diversity or hours worked per year.
The economic climate has forced in the fundamentals of feminism, any extraneous aspects imposed are just that - extraneous. Whoever said that calling a female ‘bossy’ is an insult was not thinking. Telling women to be offended by the thought of not being 'bossy', while ignoring the widely recognised trend of bossy men being despised.