Wednesday, December 16, 2015

3 Stupid Lies We Love To Teach / Accept & Why

This blog \ site is built around the stupid stuff that humans tend to do, here is an article\post that mentions three of those things.

It could be said that I am doing stupid things, I wouldn't be human if I wasn't. Maintaining a site which society is unable to accept, refusing to share it and not splitting up long articles. I'm doing this so I don't go to jail for my actions or physically hurt anyone.

1.Without xxx, we wouldn't have xxx.

Certifiable Idiots always claim that without a specific person, we would not have a specific thing. 

Ignoring the undeniable fact that every development is a result of other understandings that came before it. This means, literally, that every new thing is virtually inevitable.

The person who develops something is never ever the only one who could. The person was the first. Without that person, there would be someone else. DISAGREE NOW!!

Why not? It damages white supremacy.

2.We are all totally different.

Biologically, we all have 99% of our DNA in common. Focusing on our differences leads us to ignore our similarities. We are 98% the same as Chimpanzees.

Practically thinking, considering that there is a list of idiosyncrasies from which every single individual can attribute at least one entry, everybody has things in common with everybody - even freaks of nature.

The reality is: no matter who you meet, you will have something in common with them. An excuse for unity, if you like. DISAGREE NOW!!

Why not? It helps us to divide and deny unity.

3.Right + Wrong is Never Ever Clearly Definable.

The fact is that: if given enough information, individuals will come to same conclusion. If individuals are given every possible piece of evidence, they will reach the same conclusion - regardless of preference. 

False truths are products of incomplete evidence, therefore all evidence is required for a Real Truth, which is something that is not always possible.

When a notion or object has evidence (abundant enough to be classed 'conclusive'), supporting one side more than the opposite, it is regarded as fact or truth.

Opinion is definable as different from truth because: when an opinion is supported by conclusive evidence it is no longer an opinion, it is factual. Although you might disagree, the preceding statements are factual - and, being unable to be disproved, only a nonsensical person would think otherwise. 

I know it's sad, that's why we will never believe the truth. Are you religious? DISAGREE NOW!! 

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