Thursday, March 12, 2015

Don't Listen To First Time Smoker's Experiences

Let's be honest and real for once.

Weed is not nearly half as bad as people make it out to be.
Especially if you consider how devilishly bad that alcohol - The 2nd World-Runner - clearly is and how (comparatively) little people complain about its negative effects.

I was unfortunate enough to read an anti-cannabis article in one of the lying newspapers. Basically, it stated that weed was 'the worst thing ever' and is to be feared (no pun ISIS), even quoting an experience-log account as gospel undeniable proof of its fearsome nature from an old-'white' known-bigot - John Snow (maybe) - who claims that, after he smoked a spliff of high dro for the first time, he 'lost all sense of self', nearly died of a heart attack fearing for his life and 'was dazed for four hours' incapable of functioning. 
One: doesn't that sound just like how being very drunk feels?... Two: He is a first timer...

Why anyone thinks... That the experiences of a first timer are indicative of the experiences found after normality and tolerance have been reached... is depressing to deduct.

When you got drunk for the very first time, was the experience the same (did it hit you as hard) as the last time you had a similar amount of alcohol??
No, obviously not... It's the same with cannabis.

One thing these anuses never do is compare weed and alcohol - let alone considering pure weed smoking with no tobacco. Alcohol is way more detrimental to people. Yet it is unquestionably legal. Why?? One word: Culture

Don't listen to first timers... They are about as far from being experts as those who haven't even had a first time.

My first experience of being drunk on alcohol: Short version: after saddeningly making a fool of myself with increased carelessness and confidence, I had a fight where I smashed a glass on someone's face. Afterwards, I was violently and painfully sick in the club, taxi, my house and bed. I thought I was going to die. The stench of sick was...

What Smoking Weed Really Does To You

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