Monday, August 24, 2015

Whatever 2 European Poverty

Thinking in relatives now, somewhat ironically. People say “not just Asia and Africa have poor people” which is undoubtedly true, but nevertheless a misleading understanding.

Africa has Earth's most famous poor people, a notion that helps that of inferiority. Yet, Asia has regions, if not countries, in similar states of extreme poverty. Poverty is an issue that is somehow made more ignorable by the fact that humanity has no actual excuse for such hell on Earth. It is a conversation that nobody wants to have, because we shouldn't even need to be having it. It's as if the solutions require too much balance and/or unity for us to let them happen.

It is against historical human nature to eradicate poverty. Though that is not to say that we can't or shouldn't. We are Crap as a whole, should we accept it? No... but because we are crap, which you may have disagreed to, we will.

Europe still holds the world’s richest nation of Germany’s Luxembourg, which is so much not a nation of its own that the capital city has the same name as the ‘country’.

Europe’s poor are upheld by European Union contributions and faring way better than the poorest non-European countries. The Commonwealth partnerships are beneficially mainly in terms of immigration not finance.

The ten poorest countries in the world are all in the African region. What was the point in Black pride again? Oh yeah, resilience.

Rank Country   GDP Per Capita (PPP)
1 Malawi $226.50
2 Burundi $267.10
3 Central African Republic $333.20
4 Niger $415.40
5 Liberia $454.30
6 Madagascar $463.00
7 Congo, Dem. Rep. $484.20
8 Gambia $488.60
9 Ethiopia $505.00
10 Guinea $523.10

Now of course, these are all roundabout figures but they are most representative.

Despite all the financial troubles of Greece, their PPP GDP is around 22,000USD. We were told about people losing their minds, half of the youth unemployed and the government taking portions out of everyone's bank accounts... How bad are things?? Really? With a bit of perspective.

The poorest European country has it's average person FIFTEEN times richer than the average human in the poorest African country.

1 Moldova $3500.00
2 Kosovo $7400.00
3 Ukraine $7600.00
4 Albania $8000.00
5 Herzegovina / Bosnia $8300.00
6 Serbia $10500.00
7 Macedonia   $10700.00
8 Montenegro $11700.00
9 Romania $12800.00
10 Bulgaria $14200.00

The average person in the second most 'impoverished' European country is FOURTEEN times richer than the average individual in the TENTH poorest African country. Africa currently has 'around' 54 countries.

Granted, poor Europeans shouldn't be denied the label of pitiful, but the poor Africans have things more than TEN times worse. So, if the poorness in Europe is ‘poverty’, what’s the word for what’s going on in Africa?


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