Monday, June 15, 2015

Identify an Idiot - It Could be You

An idiot can only be taught with abuse.

But the abuse isn't actually real.

True idiots do not allow themselves to be taught without difficulty, meaning that when it comes without some sort of softening, a rectification / lesson / experience is always seen as harsh - a harshness that results in rejection. The message still has an effect but it is one that is unintended, yet possibly still consistent. 

The learning, when it finally happens after successive perceived assaults, is not so much accidental but a subconscious process of unknowing development.

Through the strings of nightmarish ordeals come the imposed realisations, an increased tolerance and a lesser liability to need rectification in common cases.

We are all capable of being idiots but luckily most of us are socially and spiritually opposed to being Master Idiotas.

Those that are Master Idiotas masterfully manifest the ability to never lower (raise) their level of idiocy, denying natural-benefit-based progressive logic and possibly dying at a higher level of stupidity than that of their most stupid moment.

Alt. A true idiot is one who, when faced with an aggressor, cannot acknowledge wrong in their own actions or any right in the aggressor's.

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