Friday, June 12, 2015

A Memo 4 Noisy Commuters on Public Transport

Shut the Hell UP!!!
You are trading in your consideration for strangers as well as many people's happiness, simply for the chance for your irrelevant and worthless trivia to be heard by all. I don't even understand your fucking language!!
Everyone without headphones on is suffering, because of you, your disgusting language and your ape-like mouth noises.
Why are you shouting when you don't have to? Surely, on most calls, you can still be heard by who you are talking to if you aren't shouting - just speak quietly.
Up against all of the things that one could possibly be talking about, compassion for others should be of some importance.
When compassion is a factor, such as when your group (Loudies) is in public, at the very least, it should be of effect. 
If you can communicate quietly, arguably with more effectiveness, you must be a moron not to do so.


When in Rome... How do the Natives talk on their phones? Pretty quietly, if they aren't kids you can barely hear them..."Huh?""Whaa

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