Thursday, March 19, 2015

Man Roles Feminists Don't Want

I could say a lot about this topic but, this time, I'll keep it limited to roles in employment.

Women, now, are of the opinion that there should be no division or difference in the vocational utility of either sex. They are now supposed to be equal to men in every way - bar intelligence, with which they swiftly claim superiority.

The truth is: women are happy to take a man's job, but only if it's not too physically hard.
A sort of imbalance..

They are eager to be bosses, secretaries, office workers, retail clerks, dentists etc. But despite 'equality', there are still many roles that women just don't or shouldn't want to do. The roles that they happily leave to men..

Only SSOTL...

So in the struggle for equality, they discovered that they don't really want it..

Someone tell me a job that only women do.. Don't say mothering.... Nope, not stripping, not midwifery.. nada... Not even childminding.. A little sorry..

Men will do any and all jobs, I understand that in the third world, women do all jobs and the concept of feminism isn't so widespread or accepted. Out there you can easily find a female road sweeper. Not in a western city. In the army, although women are welcome, they are seldom seen on the frontline - actually fighting.

For obvious but denied reasons, women do not do physically strenuous jobs, e.g lifting heavy objects for twelve hour shifts, window cleaning, night-shift security, home-visit plumbing or digging holes labouring. Or... Doing furniture removals or mining.

Women believe that they belong in a nice warm office, sitting down talking all day (or on a shop floor doing similar activities) and that men should be doing the stuff that they don't want to do. Breaking backs and getting dirty. Their excuse is.... Childbirth.

Men believe that we can all do the same jobs but, out of compassion, some jobs are too physically hard for women.

They're nearly the same thing..

The sexes are of equal mental capability but not in terms of physical capability. So, in relation to employment, the two groups are not identical and equality is impossible.

Feminism? What did you say?

I know I am a dick.. When I can.

SSOTL baby
"Consider the recovery time needed for hard physical roles. If a job can only be done for 4 days out of the seven in a week, due to the need for three days of recovery time for the body, tell me why it shouldn't pay as much as five days of an easier job of similar value?"

In a scenario where a group of men and a group of women are working in the same organisation but the male group is doing hard physical work requiring muscle, strain, high risk and lots of energy while the female group is doing the easier, less strenuous work that should largely involve sitting down.. Is it fair that they get paid the same amount? Even if you somehow work out who's making more money for the company. About as fair as management types getting paid 10 times what regular staff do.  Actually, no, that's totally more unfair than the hardest jobs being left to the men, with no condoned or implemented pay difference.

With an enforced equality in mind - How would the feminists react if women were, by default, made to do the most strenuous, gruelling and painful roles and received the same pay as the men who were allocated to the easier jobs?

What's the tagline of this site again..

Would you expect the dispatcher ladies on the police radios to get paid the same salary as the cops out there raping peoples lives away ?

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