Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Main Problem With Search Engines

Did you mean <what you searched for>??

They think they know what you're thinking, when actually, you're telling them exactly what you're thinking. Like telling a man “Cheese and Milk” and him telling you about movies with those words related to them and other shites from TV.

It seems Google Search is the best bad, Yahoo's is 2nd best at being crap and Bing is just unworthy of ranking.

If I type in BHD 2014 soundcloud, that's what I want, not this...

If I type in "bars dont count onlyhiphop", trying to get to this site (which was there), despite the many pages on that site with those keywords and the site itself being listed for other search terms, I get this... 

If I type in Megamovieman, one word that exists on the Internet in only a few places, I get this...

Notice how nearly all of the results don't actually match all of the keywords. WHY!! Search engines!!

If I want to find 'the worst face in history' please, don't tell me about wrestling.....

Getting clicks raises a sites ranking.
Correct results might be ranked down to the 3rd, fourth or 105th page and never get clicked on because very few surfers go further than the second page of results before changing their search terms. The inaccurate high rankers will get even more views maintaining their high rank, whilst the correct matches stay low and unseen.

It seems search engines work by only accounting for the websites that are viewed religiously and through networked viewerships. In a search for “Bolo Gold Globe”, an article on Huffington Post about the Golden Globes will come up as more relevant than the hundreds of pages about Bolo's Gold Globe. I don't think it used to be this way.

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