Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Biggest Problem With Anime

I love Mangas, the extraordinary experiences the art form allows for, the metaphoric plot points and the beauty of skill.

Despite the fact that no team has managed to outdo what Moebius was doing 30 years ago, I will always love to see the results of hard work but there's one popular practice in Anime that nearly ruins it all.

I just cant be bothered to sit through 365 episodes of something I began liking, how can one be expected to like the same thing over and over again, we don't even do that with sex.

I and, I'm sure, many others would much rather have a short glorious flab-free run of a story that they enjoy as opposed to the main events being lengthened and padded out to the point of obscurity; where a returning viewer cannot be sure that something notable will happen in every episode and a fight can last 20 (9+ hours).

A 20 episode run is about right.

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