Sunday, October 25, 2015

Religion Is A Joke (Part 12/100)

The term ‘religious war’ describes wars with religion as the primary motive. Wars in which religion is a secondary motivation are not classified with ‘religious war’ but still have religion involved.

War, the unending question against faith, is a negative aspect of our collective-reality. It provokes us all to believe in something more than humanity and its idiosyncrasies.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Are We All Confused About Beauty? A Clarification

Annoyed about the forgotten wanker Japanese guy and his "a specific race of women are the least attractive" science detour, racist imagery in music videos such as "no light, no light" and “I am a proud coon, proud coon, proud coon” plus a general moonwalk back in race relations since Obama's symbolic inauguration, I feel to put some self-clarifications on such matters up here on the sheep-share interweb.

I previously wrote a super long article titled "Racism, Media and Beauty" which got deleted when my phone got wet, it had pretty much everything I might say on those said subjects so I'm not sure whether or not this simplified and incomplete replacement will have to be finished up in the comments section (not a chance, with subjects like this one) but here goes...

Let's get this out of the way first off - 'Attraction' is different from 'Practical Choice of Companionship'.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Still No Excuse For Poverty

Soo, new research indicates that A Third Of All Food Is Wasted, 1,000,000 tonnes every year.

There's around a billion people in extreme poverty. Individuals cannot solve the problem of poverty, especially with the push for machine staffing, it has to be an organisational effort. The most sure-fire solution would be a collaboration of the worlds governments.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Religion is a Joke (Part 11/100)

So, there is one true religion.

Due to the talk of infidels and non-believers, not all religions are true.

When I go to Allah’s gates of heaven where I’m asked three questions.

I answer them all wrong because I gave incorrect answers based on my faith in UnendingSheepTorture/Reality.

I told my raceless and faceless interrogator that I was born a catholic and rejected all religion because none of it made any sense, compatibility or positivity.

I’m told to go to hell, where I can suffer pain for eternity.

But, dying again and again in agony gets my male quim wet. So I laugh.

In hell, I am joined by billions and billions of poor souls, even that of the first free man.

I do not see any non-humans here, except for the torturers. My pet unicorn is gone forever.

Heaven only has Muslims in it.

I bet my dead girlfriend's mum and dad got let in.