Thursday, July 16, 2015

D-Raw - Banana Boat Rap mixtape review

Here is a review of an underground UK hiphop mixtape (Yes! You got one!!) by a certified hustler called D-Raw.
He burned CD's in 2015 with 4 tracks on them (maybe not a mistake) and stood on a street during working hours trying to sell them.

Sonically, all of the tracks are very interesting at the start, with some great production on those that seem to use original beats, but sadly the vocal performances of D-Raw are mostly overbearingly arrogant. All to often there is a loud clone vocal on one or both sides, his tone is monotonic and his dialect is all too often unintelligible.

D-Raw thinks it is good to make weird sounds like a high Beavis or Butthead, seriously, and rabble on without any discernible topic. The flows are admirably abnormal but are lyrically misguided, shifting from tangents without context.

The first track is a PSA/rant that uses soundbytes from gangster films between ironic murmors of ignorance about Responsibility under God. Aside from its clueless message, it is a worthless cough, attempting to hype you up for a great album that doesn't exist. In the second track, D-Raw amazingly contradicts himself more than twice, in his first 16 bars.

This album is representative of why conscious underground rap is so unlikable to the mainstream. It obnoxiously proclaims to offer worthwhile goods but they're bad, skill is required in an art but there is none to be found in too many of these 'artists'. The biggest question is: why do people do this with their time? Are they stupid to call themselves something that they are relatively horrible at being? The banana boat song is the best of the four but it's still awful.

If you want to make money from your shit raps, make 4 tracks and sell them on CDs. You can make 3 albums out of one.

D-Raw the


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