Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Shockingly Comments Feed Explains Problem With Jobs, Employers + Economy

Good, infuriating article too...

Why employers are lazy minded maniacal monkeys, with gems of wisdom like..:
1. People who have a job are proven to be valuable.

2. You can't be sure why the unemployed lost their jobs.

"If someone is still currently employed, it tells me they're skilled enough, valuable enough to still be employed, to still have a job," explains Comana.

3. The employed will adjust quicker to a new job.

"How can this person who, again, could be a talented individual, how can they be hired at this company if one of the requirements is that they are currently employed? They can't." he says, forcing the same bull.

(united by disgust)           Commenters say:

"Lol! And this is what most supposedly intelligent employers really think."

"What an awful world we live in where even honest, genuine people cant get anywhere because we unemployed are not allowed to get employed, it's mind numbingly stupid, ignorant, arrogant, cruel and selfish."

"Employers constantly job advertise and just ignore all applicants, then continue to job advertise endlessly."

"I know several nonblk ppl who were out of work for years and by choice because thy just didn't want to wrk and when thy go looking for jobs thy get jobs like nothing while blk ppl remain jobless. My 2 AAS degrees from CC just came in the mail and I ripped them both up and trashed them because they are no benefit to me."

"We both applied to walmart and thy called her 3yrs of no employment but not me and she been holding it down ever since and is now a manager. I love my wife to death but to keep it real she's dum AF she refuses to help my 4th grade son with his homework when its math because its to hard ( no lie)."

"Oh, this is so sad to keep reading and hearing. Once upon a time you can apply and work the same week. Now it seems like the war on the unemployed."

Employers have become a scourge of society, ironically because we need them. If only they were fair, logical and understanding, how much would our lives be improved?

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